Shoe Rack Ideas for Home

An absolutely must-have accessory in the wardrobe of every woman have her shoes: low, with heels, sports, elegant, racing, ceremonial. A pair of shoes for every outfit, a pair of shoes for every occasion.

This is the dream of all women. For many, fortunately, it is a beautiful reality. A reality with which to reckon.

Dozens and dozens of pairs of shoes to find accommodation, accessories that can certainly not be for home or find a place on the floor because it would occupy an entire room.

The simplest solution, functional and portfolio scope is put a shoe rack in every corner of the house usable.

The shoe is a very useful addition because with its many shelves, allowing little space to give option not only so many pairs of shoes, but also to all the elements and accessories that somehow belong to the world of the shoes: laces, strings, shiny, brush, spare heels …

Placed close to a wall as if to blend in with the same, hidden behind a door, chosen as functional decoration in closets or storage rooms, the shoe racks  from can occupy many different positions, the important thing is that little clutter and contain a lot.

Among the most used models stand out shoe racks slim.

Tall, slender, with a thickness to the maximum of 15-20 cm, equipped with many shelves on which to place dozens of pairs of shoes.

Choices white wood and laid on the wall should be completely confused with it, choices closer to the essence of wood color and invoices of the home ports, can safely be placed on the back-door to make the most of space that otherwise would not be usable.

Another usual position for shoe racks is inside closets or dressing rooms: the so-called shoe racks-in closet.

In this case more than the cabinets, you can talk about shelving conceived as furnishing tools for closets, useful to give accommodation shoes and many other accessories: handbags, scarves, belts…

They can be made in many materials. Best sellers are aluminum or durable plastic.

The most classic shoe racks are undoubtedly those made of wood.

Characterized by a simple, linear design, the wooden shoe racks are made of many species, in order to please all the hosts, making them complement all match the rest of the furniture and the predominant style.

Classic and elegant, the cherry wood shoe racks, ash, walnut; modern and the impact shoe racks painted wood in black and white, to play with color contrasts on the walls of the house.

The shoe racks of modern design are the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics.

It is that while shoe racks allow you to keep the house in order, to furnish and decorate with forms, colors and materials without equal.

It is designed and accessories made by designers masters to allow landlords to provide accommodation to shoes and other essential accessories, acting wise so also the style, elegance, prestige of every environment.