Shift Dress: Trend of Retro Fashion

It is impossible to think of a tube dress without come to mind that classic model immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the film breakfast at Tiffany’s, the 60s, in this case, Givenchy, which not surprisingly became a fever. In the 90s, the tube dress was brought back, only more equitable and life short. Well, today, with this retro wave, sure that this model would not be left out and returned with the entire scenario, only the redesigned, in a more modern version called: shift dress.

The cool thing is that this tendency to overestimate all kinds of women, low, high, thin, fat, because it comes in a standard straight cut and dry, but more fluffy and with much more versatility.

See how to use the democratic and elegant vintage dress at

Super eclectic, the model allows the simpler productions to more sophisticated, just a simple accessory for the look wins another man.
To be fluffier, it helps to hide those extra pounds or tummy!
Different from the traditional tube, the Shift Dress can come with or without sleeves.
Colored or monochromatic, these models follow steady and strong.
The shift dress can be combined with any type of shoe for your retro style. The handbags are most suitable to combine with the “basic” and classic look.
When play with the length, there are above the knees or shorter if you throw in this trend.
Of course, the celebrities have joined the trend.
Get inspired by the productions of the famous.
Okay, now you’ve seen how to use this trend, you can choose a type of shift dress that best suits your style and go around beautiful and full of charm!