Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones Review

Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones Review

What buy if the money not is problem? There is where the “best headset money” to the “best headphones”, raisins and even taking you some disappointments, that more price does not always mean more quality: tested other 9 most expensive pairs – of more than € 150; some we like, some really not. Anyway, try the more expensive compared with the Jabra MOVE and discuss if the more expensive option was worth the money extra. In the end, the general response was a clear ‘no’.

The only one we found that it was potentially worth (if you had money to get bored) were the Sennheiser Momentum (see Computerannals). Why? They are the Momentum Wireless headphones “all-in-one” for someone who needs Bluetooth, noise cancelling minimally competitive (not like that are not even noticed) and, even more, great sound. They sound almost as well as when you are connected, and that’s really impressive.

Best price found:

But that price really hurts. For most, that price is not realistic unless you need all those features, you can save a lot of money only buying another that has less extras. Although, if that number does not make you hide credit card, buy them. Are really fantastic, the best we have tested in that category.

Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear

The version with cable was one of our more recommended, for 120€. So the quality of the sound of these is much better than any handset with Bluetooth we have ever tried, and even better than when you add cable to a headset with Bluetooth.

You can find more complete information in its full analysis.

Alternative rather than cheap

Kinivo BTH240

If you’re absolutely sure that you want to spend as little money as possible in a set of headphones that have Bluetooth, you should consider the Kinivo BTH240 of €20. They are not ones that you can use throughout the day, that hurt a little bit behind the ear after a while – at least in larger heads. And, to be honest, do not sound as well – far – as the Jabra MOVE or any other of our options star.

Best price found: €20
But eh, they are €20, and don’t sound terribly not. Note that the Kinivo do not work with the cable, and give a little solid feel in the quality of its Constitution. Another similar option would be the Arctic Cooling P253 BT. So, unless you really have to save, we recommend stay with any of the above.


Usually, if what you are looking for in your headphones with Bluetooth is functionality with a sound decent, a good relationship quality price, and a design comfortable although solid, the Jabra MOVE Wireless are the best option in which can invest your money. They come in many colors, but even so are simple and can fit into any personal style. The MOVE make all what need do without stretching the budget of which have with things that not you make lack. There is no doubt that have earned the post the best headphone quality price. Simply, we know that you will meet.