Self Adhesive Wall Art Stickers

If you plan to make repairs in an apartment and you want as quickly as possible to transform the interior, one of the quick-fix solutions to the self-adhesive wallpaper pokleit. Latvian Designers Studio Znak issued an unusual self-adhesive stickers with elaborate perforations, so you can chat in the process of pasting the walls to tear off pieces of the film, creating a unique ornament!

Wallpaper is a self-adhesive film with a nice rough texture resembling woven fabric. Perforation is formed as a smoothly curved lines resembling interconnected eight. For a truly unique wall decor are very important color and surface texture under wallpaper. For example, you can finally allow your child to paint wall paint the nursery. Fortunately there is no limit! Then, on top of the pattern adhesive wallpaper paste Znak and tear parts at the perforation. That will have a very interesting element of interior design, just one of a copy. Detach can be as thin lines, leaving more space pasted over, and large perforation elements, creating a light openwork ornament on top of a multi-colored or monochrome walls, windows or mirrors! Of course, if your own pokleit wallpaper perform other repairs difficult, there is always the opportunity to repair, using the services of professionals like these. The process of pasting the walls of self-adhesive wallpaper.

A series of unusual wallpaper, called Tears off, created by young guys from Znak, in collaboration with the popular Dutch conceptual artist Aldo Kroese and German designer duo Studio Hausen.