See Tips for the Proper Use of School Bags

Weight must not exceed 10% of the weight of the child.
Incorrect use may harm the physical development of students.

Overweight backpacks worries parents and school students at the beginning of school year. Books, books, dictionaries, folders, cases filled with pencils and pens end up causing “excess baggage” in backpacks and, consequently, can affect the health of children and adolescents.

The problems of columns with misuse of the backpack can cause pain by body, worsening of curvature 2D column (increased curvature of the dorsal region, person with the hunchback appearance), hyperlordosis (abnormal increase of lumbar curve), and scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine vertebrae) that can take the problem to the adult stage.

A municipal law of 1997 says that the maximum weight of school supplies does not exceed 5% of the weight of the child from preschool and 10% of elementary school student of public and private networks, according to the World Health Organization recommendation. In Sao Paulo, a similar law was released in 2003. But this limit is respected. “The backpack should be corresponding to the size of the child”, highlights the orthopedist Paulo Ricardo Costa, Director of the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Rio.

“Today’s increasingly common appearance of neck pain and back injury in children and adolescents because of the excess weight,” says the doctor. “In this age group is happening to bone maturity of children and excess weight can lead to deformity of both buckles as children’s posture.

See Tips for the proper use of school bags

The top edge of the bag should be at shoulder level and the lower edge should be supported in the lumbar region.

Its handles must be adjusted so that the bag is in contact with the column of the child, preventing her lean forward or backward, and thus leading to a wrong position of your column.

Books and larger notebooks must be central to stay more in touch with the student.

Handles that hold on the front help to give more stability.

Hang the bag in just one strap should be avoided because this changes the balance of the muscles of the spine causing occur stronger on one side than the other and posture defects.

Parents and directors must seek the use of binders to decrease the number of leaves and the unnecessary use of thick spiral notebooks.

Take only the material that will be used on the day, avoiding unnecessary weight.

Backpacks with wheels must also respect the student’s weight limit. To load the backpack, the lever that backpack should be so the child press with an outstretched arm.