See the New Iphone 7 Headsets in Action [Video]

Anyone who is following the rumors about the iPhone 7 probably knows that it’s best to prepare to say goodbye to the headset in new Apple devices.And now a new video brought by the Chinese YouTube channel @KK has come to virtually confirm all suspicions about it (which by now were almost a certainty), in a video that shows the new iPhone models using their new headphones through the entrance Lightning.

In the record, we have the chance to check in detail every aspect of the new headphones – from their looks to their operation.Basically, the accessory has now gained a relatively large plug to connect through the Lightning input, but otherwise the device remains the same, from the design of the headphones themselves to the operation of their remote controls, as we have said before.

It is worth noting that the video does not boil down to only reinforcing the rumors about the end of the audio input: it also shows that the iPhone 7 Plus really should rely on a dual camera while the iPhone 7 common will keep the ordinary camera;Moreover, of course, it confirms the look of smartphones, which is the same shown in several other rumors.On the other hand, the video goes against the information that the mobile would leave the Home button physical.

All this, after all, are just rumors, and it is worth remembering that conflicting information still exists:an earlier leak indicated, for example, that the device would only have one adapter for using headphones. Which one is true? Unfortunately we do not know. So it remains only to wait for some official statement to confirm these suspicions – which should only happen when the new iPhones are officially presented.