Security Cameras That from a Shop Selling Cell Phones

In a few seconds, a couple opens a Cabinet and takes several cell phones valued at 15 thousand suns.Happened in Zárate
Three subjects, among them a woman, stole 15 thousand soles in a shop of sale of mobile phones in San Juan de Lurigancho. It is the third time that steal the entrepreneur owner of this place in less than four months.
Located in Zarate store security camera captured the actions of criminals, those who entered by impersonating customers minutes before 8 o’clock.

First enter a partner and immediately a subject that designates the shelves full of smartphones, after some laps by the local stops so that top the vision of the saleswoman about what were their accomplices, according to images broadcast by channel N.
In less than 20 seconds, one of the subjects opens one of the showcases and several cell phones last generation are carried between two. Despite the fact that one of the workers realized what had happened and confronted the third subject, this had not had objections to bother and also went out. The amount of stolen amounts to 15 thousand suns.
But this was not the first time that the entrepreneur was a victim of crime. Last August, other thieves took a truck full of cell phones of its store in Plaza North and a week ago its premises in Huacho. In total it has lost more than 150 thousand suns by which called on the authorities more effective actions to deal with the insecurity.