Scarf for Every Man

Role scarves in winter and autumn outfit

The most important thing before započneš adventure titled scarf and I, is to realize what role has stated complement the outfit to perform. Decision is very important, but not complicated – the possibilities are in fact only two. Scarf can be seen as a focal point that attracts attention, or it elegantly integrated into the outfit as another layer.

Scarf pretty even in bad weather, the secrets of how to choose a scarf

The key to crack puzzles that type scarves assign each end, is its size. If you want the scarf was one of the main points that determine the look of your outfit, buy knitted and pretty gross. That it not only warm, but a pattern of horizontal stripes will show people that you have something to say and you lack courage. Actually it works on the same principle as a striped tie – a color Choose a neutral, the other to color-matched with others what you are wearing, and you can not go wrong.

Lighter scarf as a suitable complement

If it is for you big and thick scarf cumbersome and its endless annoying whipping around his neck, waiting for you countless slimmer models shawl. Usually natrefíš on lighter knit brother of the previous type, but grabs are cotton and silk. Realize, however, that such a scarf is really nothing more than another layer of supplementing your appearance – from a practical point of view in winter temperatures unusable. I advise to choose a scarf with a pattern, like gingham, but only in  neutral colors . And when I say in neutral colors, I mean really only in neutral colors. Scarf not mint, the goal is to fit into the overall tuning outfit and show your sense of detail.