Saving Yello, The Art’s Return to a Fish to Your Aquarium Launching through The Air

Angry Birds, although it was not the first, has helped to consolidate a genre in itself in the world of video games. Many have been trying to imitate him, some in a poor attempt to attract users. Others have instead chosen to innovate and bring new ideas to the concept of throwing animals to give objective, for example Wolf Toss.

In the wake of titles that seek to contribute new ideas to the subgenus ourselves with Saving Yello. A game where we need to throw a fish along the room until you get to your tank. A simple approach to appearance and rather trivial, but level to level is getting more interesting.

The idea is to throw, controlling angle, our fish until you get to your tank. To do this we will have several releases, amount that will vary depending on the level. At each stage we find different obstacles, well platforms or objects that we will have to come down to get more points.

To obtain the best possible score We have to find a balance between the number of launches that we perform and the objects that we get ahead. Some of them, such as toys, will offer us different multipliers if we eliminated them in a particular order.

To give you a little more vidilla sixty levels which compose Saving Yello, as we progress we have different objects that enhance our fish: Dynamite, ice cubes to freeze and destroy toys, barbed to hook us on the walls…

The proposal, in addition to entertaining, features with a very well-crafted visuals. With a cartoony look very charismatic and fluid animations 2D designs are their two main weapons. Eye when you try the game because some users report that it isn’t working properly. This review has been done in a Samsung Galaxy SII with Ice Cream Sandwich and no problem found.

If we like the mechanics of throwing animals with certain aim Saving Yello is a good choice. The first ten levels are free of charge, If we want to play the other fifty will have to proceed to checkout: 0.94 euros. Pretty reasonably priced and that, if you like the game, it is a good buy.

Saving Yello version 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: Racer
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / € 0.94
  • Category: Arcade & action