Samsung ST150F in the Test

Smarter flask for the masses: the Samsung ST150F serves the mainstream taste. In the test, we provide the qualities of the digital camera to the test.

The Samsung ST150F is a small, elegant, and approximately 130 grams easily. In the pretty white design which acts by Samsung as a “smart camera” dubbed digital camera not very “technical”, more like a great accessory. And kind of reminds in this simple elegance almost the devices of the computer manufacturer Apple on it.

The Samsung ST150F controls are arranged in the usual way, the button diameter is slightly fummeling with 5 mm however. Small camera means for designers and design engineers often also small controls – where it would go also? By sharp contrast, black symbols on a white background, buttons marking is still clearly visible.

The question of how the compact camera in hand is unnecessary with the low weight of the Samsung ST150F. So a little thing is not in your hand – you hold it between two fingers.

A separate button opens the access on the possible Options of Samsung ST150F, including the automatic program mode and the smart car setting. This main menu is extensive – many individual items can be selected. Another menu key provides access to the recording settings of the digital camera. The available items in the menu set it according to the selected recording mode. For the many menu items, it is very helpful that the last set position is shown again after reactivated.


Display with little quirks

The 3.0 inch display of the Samsung ST150F has a resolution of approximately 76,700 pixels, and accordingly not to the point. The colors are reproduced realistically, but in the dark areas, and generally in low light, grieselt the display. Some symbols and typeface are delicate and sometimes difficult to detect.

The focal length of 25 mm to 125 mm (KB) covers the most shooting situations. The initial light intensity of 2.5 is good, however it falls off at the longer focal length on weak 6.3. And the KB equivalent 125 mm focal length – no excellence truly.

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The processing of the Samsung ST150F is clean. The USB connector is a neatly snapping lid closed and not by a rubber flap. The tripod socket is located in the middle of the housing and the camera does not fall, even if the stand is very easy. Probably for reasons of space, a MicroSD memory card be used. Always caution is advised when dealing with these tiny beasts. When careless handling of the card slot, the card ever shoots out.

Wi-Fi on board

Like many compact generation 2013, the ST150F has a Wi-Fi module on board. Thus you can wirelessly transfer images, also can with the right apps Smartphone or Tablet as a remote control for the camera be used.

The sensor of the Samsung ST150F has what most have: diagonal 1/2.3 inch, 16 Megapixel resolution, RGB CCD. Also the image results of the Samsung ST150F are fully part of the mainstream. The Center resolution is rather soft but balanced for a 16-Megapixel camera at ISO100 at wide angle with 1384 LB/PH at the bottom, which impact pictures. It’s okay for a 120-Euro camera. Only at higher sensitivities, it is wild bird, then the processor tries to save what is impossible to save. Kurtosiswerte testify clearly double-digit.

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Review conclusion

The Samsung ST150F is a small, elegant camera with many options including Wi-Fi. Photographically, but at a fair price are one of many,.