Samsung Snack Is Waiting for Android Wear Smartwatches Market

It has not yet reached the market Android Wear, but wearable devices continue starring in this 2014, so we will have to get used to keep an eye on your sales statistics as we did with smartphones and tablets.

Awaiting LG G Watch, which is expected in June to 199 euros, and the 360 Motorola, which will arrive in July for 249 euros, is Samsung who eats almost all cake smart watches, led by their new Samsung Gear 2 and, above all, the Gear 2 Neo.

According to Strategy Analytics people, this market is still very young, but we already have concrete data on their first steps, that leave us 700,000 smartwatches sold in the first quarter of 2014.

Around half a million units have been placed by Samsung, that 71% of share lunch waiting for more serious rivals in a market where their new watches have been virtually alone. Noteworthy is that the Koreans sold a million watches smart in all the year 2013, accumulating 53% share, data that shows us the sales growth.

Long way to go

There is still much 2014, and some users still expect that clock that can get them to convince, so it is likely that in December we talk of a number of sales to triple or even quadruple the current numbers.

Samsung has done very well and already has several steps, last year with the Galaxy Gear experiment has gone Great Gear 2, a bet already serious and which has received the essential function of the quantifier, while retaining the advantages of its predecessor.

In addition, Samsung communication policy and their promotional campaigns with the S5 Galaxy and Galaxy Note 3 have done to grow their sales greatly, and users already know the benefits of the Gear.

On the other hand, Sony and Pebble share the second step with 80,000 units sold each, 11.4% share, is that although the Japanese first beat twice still have not been able to make attractive to your watches.

The case of Pebble is different, they are a tiny company born of crowdfunding, and for them it is a milestone to reach 80,000 units selling your watch’s e-ink, a device that has become the darling of the public more geek.

Is comment 10,000 units that have sold Motorola and Qualcomm in its Motoactv and Toq respectively, both with a 1.4% share, almost testimonial.

In the third quarter, with the new Android Wear on the market, we are sure that it will be more interesting take a look at how the market, spreads so we will wait impatiently to see what offers us the version of Android for wearable devices.