Samsung SimBand, a Platform Modular Open Source to Develop “Healthy Devices”

2014 is the year of the wearables, and Samsung is manufacturer which has more advanced in such devices, especially if we focus on its practical application to collect data and monitor our activity and State of health. We saw it yesterday itself with the latest update of S Health.

However, the most important announcement in this field the Koreans had it saved for your event Voice of the Body, which have been released the Samsung SimBand, a hardware platform modular with its part completely Open Source software and which will serve for base for developing future wearable health-related devices.

We are talking about a complete platform, and turn SAMI is perhaps the most interesting of all, because it’s software and database in the cloud where you can store and try everything what the device sensors pick up, focusing on something in which the current quantifiers fail, that it is give value to the enormous amount of data of our activity that you are able to bring together.

You can share data between devices, and also between different services, for example, send necessary when it comes to going to the doctor records.

In addition, Samsung SimBand will enable developers and manufacturers add sensors that require, as It’s a totally modular device. The prototype that has been presented has connectivity Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, chipset ARM A7 with 28 nm with dual core processor 1 GHz, as well as sensors of all kinds to register our activity and health, even an electrocardiograph.

Its design is very compact, does not exceed the size of a conventional SD card, and the battery is charged with our movement to the purest style of automatic mechanical watches.

The Koreans are serious with the proposal, although this would only make sense if more manufacturers and developers, so it all the platform is Open Source, and both the SDK and APIs will be released soon. In addition, Samsung has convened the event Digital Health Challenge with 50 million dollars of budget to encourage the industry to join the initiative.

The quantifiers of the future are already here, and surely a very short-term time smart watches, bracelets and other family of devices will be collecting most data, so it is good to see manufacturers such as Samsung are drenched in development is this technology.