Samsung Offers Galaxy Screen Switching to Low-Cost

A new service initiatives from Samsung offers customers new screen on the Galaxy S III and Note II, while waiting for an extremely low price. The aim is to poach customers from competitors.

Samsung has a goal to capture even more market share in the smartphone market, and one of the company’s newest weapon is better service to final customers.

Over the next months, Samsung open six to seven service points in Denmark, where customers can enter from the street, and get help with Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II.

Customers can free of charge get updated the phone to the latest software while waiting. If the screen on a product is cracked or scratched, can this be replaced for an extremely competitive price.

New screen for 800 crowns

With various independent workshops costing a screen change typically up to 1,800 kronor, but with Samsung’s selected partner-workshops, this service can be purchased for only 800 crowns.

-“We want to get closer to the customer. That is why we are training staff to carry out this service task. On the approved repair shops the customer can be sure that the shift of display takes place in an approved ESD environment, which ensures that during the repair no new errors as a result of URf.eks. static electricity, “says Jens Lundqvist, service manager at Samsung, to our site.

The price applies to products which from the time of purchase is less than 12 months old.

In the beginning, only the software update and monitor change to Samsung offers walk-in service. But over time the manufacturer look at whether there is a need to expand with other types of repair or more products.

Already in progress

Although service concept officially first begin from the 1. September 2012, Samsung is already tyvstartet.

We can therefore already now get this type of service performed in 3 ‘s shop on Strøget in Copenhagen, as well as with Telecare in Esbjerg and Telenor in Maribo.

During september and October also opens for service in Aalborg, Odense and Aarhus as well as further one to two locations in Copenhagen.