Samsung-Mobile Will Be The World’s First with the Circle-Talk Via 4 G

Samsung is ready to make the Galaxy S III to the world’s first smartphone with calls over 4 g/LTE. The starting gun sounds in Korea.

The trend with fast mobile internet via 4 g/LTE network roll around the world, but now joins Samsung itself, as the first thing on the pitch with calls. It writes our site.

The electronics giant has thus published, to LTE-Edition of the popular Galaxy S III will be the first smartphone with support of VoLTE (Voice over LTE)-that is to say calls over LTE.

This service is initially aimed at the Korean market. It happens during the month of august. Later follows several LTE markets, says without further geographical indication.

Volte is just been commercially introduced in the United States and Korea. In the United States has the regional telecommunications company MetroPCS just launched on the company’s 4 g/LTE-VoLTE network, while in South Korea were SK Telecom, who ran with the honour to launch the country’s first VoLTE-compatible 4 g network.

LTE version of Galaxy S III requires nothing more than a software update in order to run VoLTE.