Samsung Gear S-Review And Opinion

The new Samsung Watch, the Samsung Gear S, is more than just a smart watch. With its 2-inch curved display, and the possibility of having a SIM card, it gives you an independence that other android watches or Smartwatch have not yet.

One of the most anticipated Smart watches of the season has arrived. For some controversial for its screen perhaps great and to bet for an own OS as it is Tizen. But the Samsung Gear S is above the controversy, because when we have it in our hands we were surprised by its functionality and design.

How Is The Samsung Gear S: The Clock Designed To Be Free.

The new Samsung watch is a sleek and almost perfect design watch. At first glance it may seem like something big on our wrist, since they are two inches from the screen. But having a curved display and getting used to wearing it, that big clock concept changes.

Samsung has thought of a type of watch that can be taken independently to your Smartphone or mobile phone. Its Super AMOLED screen of 16M colors and 360 x 480 pixels allows us to manage notifications and emails as if it were your mobile phone. The great novelty of this device is the possibility of putting a nanoSIM card in a slot that leads to it, adding the 3G connection gives us an autonomy to perform tasks that we can carry with our mobile phone. This is perhaps one of the strengths of the clock, to receive and make calls through it.

The Samsung Gear S has a rubber strap, the watch case is easily “pullable” from the strap. This gives us the possibility of inserting a second battery or changing the belt at any time. The strap closure is correct and safe, very useful for an item like this.

Samsung Gear S. Features

The watch has an internal memory of 4GB (great capacity for photos, songs, etc). It has a dual-core processor at 1GHz, and 512MB RAM, capable of managing applications smoothly. It also has speaker and microphone.

Its dimensions are 58.1 x 39.9 x 12.5 mm, with a weight of 65 grams and the certificate IP67 (resistant to dust and water). Curved AMOLED screen with 16M colors and 360 x 480 pixels, which gives us one of the best resolutions on the market today. In addition it has a sensor that allows to adjust the luminosity of the screen automatically depending on the external light source.

Among the applications to be highlighted are: Accelerometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope, digital compass, barometer, heart rate monitor, UVA sensor.

For athletes note that it has built-in GPS, allowing you to collect data for your management in Fitness programs.

Samsung has opted for the Tizen operating system instead of Android Wear . Tizen is the Samsung software is trying to give greater importance to it to become a real alternative to Android. Some of us are more of the opinion that Samsung perhaps should have wagered on the range of Android watches and not embark on the creation of its own operating system; But if he has been wrong or not in this sense, only time will tell.

We remember that this watch is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones :

Note: Note4, Note 3, Note 2, S5, S4, S3 mini, S4 mini, Note3 neo, S3 Neo, Core LTE, S4 Active, Mega6.3, Mega2, Grand2, S4 Zoom, K Zoom, Alpha, A5, A3

Why Buy The New Samsung Watch.

The Samsung Gear S is a great watch. It has everything that is expected of a smart clock and some qualities that for now only have this device (possibility to call and receive calls, GPS, Wifi, double battery, etc). You can even write on your qwerty touchpad to respond and manage messages (your big screen allows it).

Some will think that a 300 mAh battery may be insufficient for this device.The new model of Samsung has a longer duration of autonomy than similar models, its battery can last for more than two days. In addition Samsung allows us the incorporation of a second battery in its part, what makes that watch has a total autonomy.

For athletes is also an interesting Smartwatch , the Gear S is an excellent personal trainer. It has GPS, several sensors, and to manage the data the application S Health, a great combination for you to exercise and can monitor your heart rate and know your times (distances, goals, etc).

Finally comment that the Samsung Gear S can be connected the same way to a Samsung phone via Bluetooth and will have a functioning just like any other smart watch.

Currently you can find the Gear S in two colors Black and White , You canbuy the model in Black and its price is 399.00€. Click on the link if you want to buy it in White color on Amazon.