Samsung Galaxy S7 | S7 Edge-Summed Up All The Info

Finally, it is so far! Samsung has officially unveiled the new flagships Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. We have summarized all the information for you.


As already expected, the design of the new devices very strongly geared to the predecessors. This Samsung has tried small defects to improve as, for example, the protruding camera. This while always still not completely flush with the housing, however, regarding the depth significantly shrunk (0.64 mm). The S7 is more compact than the edge size variant, which is larger but at the same time also minimal lean with 150,9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 millimeters. The S7 and S7 edge appear rounder and thus more elegantly. The transitions between the metal frame and glass are seamless. So very convincing. In ourreview find out more about, how the new phones from Samsung actually feel in the hands.

Technical data

Let’s start with the S7. This has a 5.1-inch super-AMOLED display, which resolves with 2,560 x 1440 and thus ppi offers a pixel density of 577… As a processor, Samsung of in-house Exynos 8890-chip be used with 8 cores and a clock speed of 2.3 GHz. This are 4 gigabytes of memory. The computing power is to be increased by up to 30 percent. The graphics performance by 60 percent. The internal memory is either 32 or 64 gigabytes and is this time can be extended to up to 200 gigabytes via microSDXC. Even with the camera, something has changed. This not more so strongly protruding at the S7 from the housing, as was still the case with the S6. Samsung has focused this time on the “Lowlight qualities” of the camera. The main camera dissolves with 12 megapixels. This has increased the pixel and fitted with a hood with a larger focal length (f 1.7). Furthermore, the focus according to Samsung should be extremely fast. This is achieved, therefore, that all pixels are used to focus. There are, however, only 5% of the pixels which are the focus of the image available on the iPhone 6s. The front camera features a wide-angle lens with 5 megapixels. Samsung offers additional lenses that you can attach to the camera of smartphones, to shoot better photos for the S7. You read how the S7 and S7 edge have been tested in a separate test (test report).

The S7 edge the technical equipment is very similar to the S7. However, there are more unique features to the standard model of a few. So this year a 5.5-inch display offers the edge Variant. Another difference is the battery. While the S7 mAh has a capacity of 3,000, the S7 edge whopping 3,600 offers mAh. In addition, both models offer a so-called “always on display”. This displays notifications without that you must unlock the device, which should positively affect battery performance. The Galaxy S7 edge in test.

Water protection and water cooling

While the Galaxy S6 offers no protection against liquids, we have a certification in S7 models according to IP68. This means that the 30 minutes a smartphones can keep depth of 1.5 meters under water.Furthermore, Samsung installed a new liquid cooling, which should ensure that is not heated the Smartphone for new models.

To the review of the Galaxy S7 smartphones

A Russian TechBlog has set apart the S7 even before the actual market launch. Thanks to the “teardowns”, you could see how the water protection has been realized. Unlike Samsung didn’t sit down to most other waterproof smartphones on a rubber seal. Instead, it used a waterproof cement that surrounds all items of the Smartphone and so prevents liquids. Also on display is the new cooling system of the Galaxy S7.Samsung used a liquid cooling for the first time in their smartphones, which is intended to prevent an overheating of the powerful processor and graphics chips by evenly distributing the heat.

Price and availability

On March 11, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes edge in the German market. The 32 GB version will cost 799 euros. The smartphones in the colors black, white, silver and gold will be available. Pre-order will also receive a gear VR free.


At first glance, this seems a sovereign successor of the S6 to S7. There are many small improvements. Samsung has belongs to his fans and shrink the camera and expandable memory. The camera seems to have taken a sensible step forward and the design looks overall round and elegant. We are now looking forward how the competition will follow suit and how the Galaxy S7 in the tests is to beat. Here is our test report.


These were the rumors to the Galaxy S7


The S6 for its part is a revamp pretty device, actually the prettiest that Samsung has been put on the market. It’s not perfect yet, and the largest external flaw is the protruding camera like the iPhone 6 models. Now it seems that this problem could be solved relatively easily, for example, through a thicker casing. This first not necessarily sounds like a good solution, but has a further and very significant advantage: in a thicker casing would also a larger battery, for Samsung should a the S7 at least 3,000 mAh battery verbauen-especially, and it is, if this will be also not removable like the S6,.

The rumors to the Galaxy S7 take form slowly, because now first real render images of the next flagship have surfaced according to GSMArena that exhibit a strong similarity to the S6.

The pictures to confirm that there will be two model sizes of smartphones. One has almost identical values to the predecessor of them with masses of 143.4 x 70.8 mm x 6.9 mm. The larger version however seems to dominate, however, with a XXL-display: 163.3 mm high, 82 mm wide and 7.8 mm thick.Modifications there is only very little. The home button for the new device seems to be rectangular.Moreover, the SIM card slot is not at the top, but on the right side of the Smartphone. As the housing is not thick, the S7 is probably no larger battery and the camera is still sticking out of the housing.

Recently, a picture has emerged the “front panel” of the Galaxy S7 is supposedly depicted on the. It is really the front of the next flagship? If Yes, then you would be accepted so far confirm hypotheses concerning the design. Because when you look at the picture, you can see little change to the predecessor. Only the home button looks a little wider and edgier than in the S6.

7000 series aluminum and glass turtle

Although Samsung has in contrast to the competition company Apple similar incidents recorded so far no Bendgate, but also they seem to want to ride with their new Galaxy model on the 7000 series aluminum shaft . This direction only just hit Apple with its latest iPhone models: should be without it targeted force to bend this no longer thanks to processed aluminum. Also Samsung should have submitted a patent application in respect of a new glass: the new turtle glass should trump Gorilla glass in terms of stability and longevity to length. Thus it seems that Samsung with the S7 would bring an exceptionally durable Smartphone on the market.

Project “Lucky”

Newer rumors continue to assume that the S7 also with a straight display as well as edge version will appear. In the past few weeks, it has been reported about it, that Samsung will rely exclusively on the rounded display when its next flagship may. Currently, it also looks like Samsung would bring his S7 with two different processors on the market. Should be so, there is the nearest large Galaxy Smartphone as Snapdragon-820 – and Exynos models. Doing so would be the speculation around a renewed collaboration with Qualcomm as well as those confirm an improved processor, Exynos. Flat – and edge display, 5.1″, and 5.7″, Snapdragon and Exynos – should verify all of this, we face a S7 in damn many variants. However, it is assumed, that at least the various processors in the same countries which versions of S7 appear ultimately to Germany will come, is certainly still remain a mystery.

First images surfaced

The release is approaching the Galaxy S7. So it was only a matter of time until the first pictures emerge showing the final Smartphone. We, thanks to images as often, Evan Blass, or better known by his Twitter name EvLeaks. The “professional”Leaker has uploaded images of the next flagship on his account. As the image shows, the rumors to the S7 have confirmed (if it really is the S7). The design is very similar to the S6, works but overall rounder and softer. Much to the design there so not to say. Interesting, however, are the intrinsic values at the next flagship of the Korean manufacturer. See the technical data for more information.

Image with back of the S7

After already images have surfaced which showed the two Galaxy models S7 and S7-edge from the front, now also a picture of the back is surfaced. As it seems, the back of the two devices could be slightly curved, as we already had seen it at the grade 5, but this is not clearly visible. The color is also interesting. So far, the black models of the S-series always with a slight blue tint were provided. It was never real black. In this photo, it seems however to be a “real” Jet Black. Remains to be seen what looks like the final version.

Another photo shows back

The idea of the next flagship is fast approaching, and every day new details and images will appear. On aVietnamese website , a photo shows up now that most likely depicts the S7. While rounding the back that was images immersed in only to hint at, one can perceive them clearly on this screen. That likely make the Galaxy S7 significantly more ergonomic to use. However you can see on the photo also, magically attracts fingerprints that the back what glass however is unavoidable.

Technical data

Processor: Snapdragon or Exynos?

Even before Samsung on 13 August 2015 its latest models, the edge of the S6 plus and that note 5, presented, documents surfaced on Weibo , which suggest that the Galaxy S7 is not only already in an (early) stage of the test, but also that Samsung in its next novelty again on a snapdragon, strictly speaking: 820, harks back to the Snapdragon. While the S6 published models only with the hotel’s own Exynos, they speculated that Samsung probably wants an independence from Qualcomm. In any case, the renewed cooperation with Qualcomm to one could until months earlier release lead to 1-2.

Already Samsung is working on a new processor for the S7?

Beginning of April circulated some rumors that Samsung is already working on a new processor for the successor of the this year’s flagship. To the next year again for an incredibly fast Smartphone to be commended, the CPU of the successor must be so powerful to and double, like that of its predecessor. This became the “directive” in the Smartphone business in the past few years.

Although the S6 (edge) and thus the Exynos – 7420 have appeared recently, Samsung is probably already in the middle in the work on the new processor. Under the name of Mongoose , this “secret” project to be already underway. At first glance, it might seem almost comically fast moving: while the S6 (edge) in the store shelves will be given, Samsung deals already with new developments for the successor model. Actually it is a not so unrealistic scheduling: depending on the Samsung so far with his implementation of the Mongoose project is how far, can it be assumed, that the serial production of the new chips will begin months only in 9-12. Thus, the South Korean company must almost a little hurry to put the S7 on time in the spring of 2016 in the sale has. The new processor to 45% with up to 2.6 GHz would be takten-thus he around faster than the Exynos installed in the S6 – 7420. – and Samsung would meet the “directive”.

First benchmark showed up

According to napidroid , a new benchmark of the Galaxy S7 should be surfaced in the data bank of Geekbench. Although it is still unclear whether the SM-G930W8 model number is actually the successor of the S6, but this is not completely unlikely. The processor to 1,873 points and in the multicore on 5.946 comes in single-core-score. Therefore, it would mean a significant performance boost.

The new memory

Samsung has developed new RAM modules. According to own statements, these chips by up to one-third should be faster and consume less energy but up to one-fifth. What sounds for many but certainly much more impressive: A chip is 1.5 GB RAM, up to four of them can find in a Smartphone – this would cause 6 GB RAM and thus the S7 was likely to be the first Smartphone with such large amounts of RAM. By comparison, the largest is currently on the market 4 GB large, to find searchable memory of a Smartphone the OnePlus Two and the ZenFone 2.

Expandable memory?

Samsung has caused an important “compatibility”problem. In the S6 models used the South Korean company for the first time a UFS 2.0 storage, which resulted in a significant performance increase in this field of smartphones. So far, the use of microSD cards would have each thwarted that by the UFS 2.0 memory technology significantly gained speed. This problem should be well but overcome, which is why the memory of the Galaxy S7 with luck will be again extended. By the way: In addition to the missing SD card slot, was firmly installed battery of one of the biggest criticisms of the Galaxy S6. While now hopefully, Abbhilfe will be created first, nothing suggests so far that Samsung will change its battery policy at the next flagship. Furthermore, VentureBeat should have learned from a confidential source that the S7 and the edge version of the S7 offers a microSD card slot with the memory to up to 200 GB extend to settle.

At the same time two display sizes

We know it so far best of Sony and Apple: the iPhone 6 S as well as the Xperia Z5 models appeared simultaneously in two different sizes. Sony released its current flagship with a 4.6″ and a 5.2″ large display, Apple chose 4.7″ and 5.5″. Also by Samsung’s latest pride, there are two different sizes: in addition to the 5.1″ of major S6 (edge), Samsung unveiled on 13 August 2015, and nearly 5.5 months after the presentation of the 5.1″ models, another variant of the S6 edge: the Galaxy S6 edge + with a 5.7″ large display. Some sources speculate but now sure that Samsung will present its next flagship immediately at the beginning in two different sizes. Furthermore, VentureBeatsreports that we will see a so-called “always-on-display-feature” (AOD) when the S7. This is a function that news incoming you briefly displays it, without taking the display during operation. This has the advantage that the battery is spared, as it is claimed only about 1% of the battery capacity per hour.

Force touch

We have it at the iPhone 6s / 6s plus seen and even Huawei has shown at the mate’s S. The speech is of a display that also resistive signals can carry in addition to capacitive input signals. So a display that light touch, as well as respond to pressure. The display of the S7 rumor on Weibo to have installed the pressure-sensitive technology from Synaptics. The company calls its wealth but not force touch, but “ClearForce”. But, basically, it is the same function as force – and 3D-Touch. In addition, Synaptics has announced that it is working with Smartphoneherstellern and first devices with “ClearForce” already beginning 2016 can be expected.

USB type C for the Galaxy S7

Manufacturers such as OnePlus or Microsoft put this year on the new transmission standard and equipped with their smartphones for the future. The USB type C is significantly better than the current microUSB standard. The reason is double-sided insert similar to when the lightning connector from Apple.To do this, there will be the possibility to ensure higher data transfer. We are sure that this step will be not aufhaltbar and the microUSB port is nearing extinction. If market giants such as Apple, Samsung and Microsoft put on it, this will certainly adopted by other manufacturers.

Qualcomm sense ID – fingerprint sensor with ultrasound

Should put Samsung at the processor on the 820er by Qualcomm, it may well be that we will also see the new sense of identification technology. This fingerprint sensor works not more capacitive (surface) in contrast to the conventional sensors. With the help of ultrasound, much more information about the finger can be seen making sense ID more secure than any other scanners on the market. You read for more information on Qualcomm’s technology even benefits in our separate article (to the post).

Liquid-cooling system

This information is with caution! The News Portal United Daily newspaper reports about a so-called “liquid-cooling-system”, which supposedly to be installed in the Galaxy S7. These are a sophisticated cooling system that the heat away to run efficiently. This solution would not quite unthinkable, if one remembers the overheating problems of the Snapdragon 810. This technology is not new to Smartphones. Sony used a liquid cooling in its Xperia Z5 also and also at 950 Lumia, we find a similar system.

Technical data confirmed

After first pictures have surfaced that reportedly depict the S7, there will be new information about the specifications. Therefore, both models have microSD slots (for cards up to 200 GB) should have and water – and dust-tight IP67 protection class according to be. 5.1 inches, the display of the S7 should be large. The S7 edge will grow to 5.5 inches. Both should resolve with 1440 x 2560 QHD. The batteries are probably still not interchangeable, but is stronger: 3000mAh and 3600mAh. The information about the processor is interesting. Apparently it is in the USA version 820 a Snapdragon and give anywhere else a Exynos 8 octa 8890. But everywhere there is 4 GB memory and 32 GB memory type.


New camera sensor in the Galaxy S7?

Samsung brought a big step forward in terms of Smartphone camera, what with the current Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 edge can be seen. But next year, you will not rest, but develop the camera. For this, you want to use the sensor of the current Sony Xperia Z5 in your own device according to rumors which delivers a resolution of 23 megapixels and has the fastest auto focus in the industry. However, this will be more difficult because Sony delivered in the years before that, not his strongest sensor on the competition. Another option for Samsung is a 12 MP camera that but should have a larger sensor for this (1/2 inch). The larger pixels can provide significantly better photos despite fewer pixels; the same concept is used for the current nexus devices and ensures very good results.

The latest rumor, however, is of a further development of the ISOCELL sensors which should be used under the name Britecell in the Galaxy S7. At Samsung we has secured according to the name Britecell, which is to be according to the description of an image sensor for smartphones. It is yet to be seen what could have anything on it Britecell. We can but sure, that this sensor will be significantly stronger than the current ISOCELL and will shoot better photos. The further development of ISOCELL sensors could also avoid a unattractive characteristic that has crept in some smartphones in recent months, the next S7: the protruding main camera.



Since Google officially unveiled its Latest Android version on 17 August 2015 with names and statue, can be assumed with high degree of certainty, that the Galaxy S7 will come already benefit from Marshmallow. Of course Samsung will do not favor us, on TouchWiz to verzichten-but they have proved at least in the S6, that also TouchWiz can make progress , and so we do not complain.


Does the Galaxy S7 exclusively in the edge version on the market?

The edge version of Galaxy S6 is in this year as the innovation from the House of Samsung. But there is also agreement that this should be understood first of all as an experiment : Samsung was also deliberately and was therefore also the regular S6 on the market. But now, some speculate that there will be no S7 with “normal” display more next year. On the whole, this is very unlikely. Relatively safe, however, is that there be an edge model 2016-but much more like in this year: in addition to the tried and true Smartphone with straight display.

What would all the prerequisites to be with the edge version on the safe side?

For another WOW effect, an extension of the curved display would be a safe strategy. For this, the top of the display would control most likely are. But where then with front-facing camera and speaker? In General, a curved display in the topside of a Smartphone is probably not (yet) possible. Therefore, it seems easiest to improve the design of the Galaxy S6 Edge . Holding the device in your hands, the transition from display to the housing is clearly noticeable. For the successor model a greater fusion between display and housing would be appropriate in the spirit of the unibody trends, and desirable. When comparing the edges of the touch edge also with those of the S6 edge that WINS touch edge lengths. Its edges are much more rounded and Nestle it stronger and more beautiful to the device as is the case with the S6 edge. S is desirable this degree of complete series also for the next model of the Galaxy. Another point is the already widely criticized battery of the S6 models. Actually, it seems obvious that just a Smartphone, its größtes plus an extraordinary display, receives a powerful battery.Nevertheless, Samsung used only a 2,600 mAh battery, and that, be maekelt as also often, also still firmly.Since this today as a weak, Samsung should take seriously this criticism in the next year at the latest and in the successor model use a more powerful battery.


Price & release [update]

By a nice technological gimmick to a smart phone for the average user: The problem with the price

It is indeed a pity, logically but completely understandable that the touch of edge as well as the S6 edge at the moment a lot are more expensive than their siblings with the straight displays. Research and production – both more complex and more expensive than for “traditional” smartphones. ETNews reported that Samsung is however already working and currently optimizes the production of an appropriate plastic, which is intended to replace the use of glass and is required for flexible displays. In addition, Samsung in determining price for S6 and S6 Edge had to assume that the mainstream market not yet exceptional displays is interested in and the edge products would sell themselves therefore comparatively poorly. Research, lossless in the Act to implement production and this suspicion, Samsung had to set higher price. However, so far all Galaxy flagships have shown that initially mostly high price of Samsung corrected itself after some time down devices. With the S6, Samsung had also independently-the EIA’s are for the horrendous price worse sold as hoped. But, and it is to be, growing acceptance and thus the interest of the Otto standard verbrauchers with any other edge Smartphone. At this point, we can hope that already this year as many S6 chose interested customers the edge model, so that Samsung can assume series of correspondingly high sales figures for the next generation of the Galaxy S and safely lower the price for the next edge.

Current rumours after the Galaxy S7 seems to be available on March 11. At least the “Profi-Leaker” Evan reported this pale on his Twitter Account. However, his post refers only to the U.S. market. It is therefore questionable whether there will be the next Samsung flagship also on March 11 in Germany. With its predecessor, there was a release from 20 different countries (including Germany). So with his forecast for the Galaxy S7 release properly, should be EvLeaks the Smartphone in Germany could come already on March 11, 2016 in the trade.

Two versions at the start

Until recently, it was assumed that Samsung will show three S7 devices. Namely the S7 in the standard version and still the edge and edge plus version. A Twitter post by Evan Blass can however suggest that there will be only the standard and edge model. The professional Leaker has posted on Twitter the names of the two models that will be available to the release.

Update – known official appointment (to be ordered the next day)

Now, the date of the presentation is finally official. The Galaxy S7 will see the light of day on February 21…Invitations to the event #TheNextGalaxy are currently shipped. Samsung has already released a first video trailer where as expected, of course no information about the device are reported. However the Hashtag #TheNextGalaxy indicates clearly that there will be the presentation of the new Galaxy Smartphone.

In addition to Samsung will allow it to purchase the Smartphone, so that it will hold the first devices in the hands from the 11.03. to the 22.02.. Also this is ensured, wherein all models will be available.

Conclusion (update)

The rumors show us the relevant differences to the operations, the Galaxy S6. There will be 3 colors for both models this year. These are silver, black and gold. Whether Samsung released later other colors, is not known at this time. As a special extra, Samsung has thought that pre-order in addition receive a VR glasses.

Following are the highlights of the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge:

  • -Battery life (3000 mAh battery S7; 3600 mAh S7 edge)
  • -IP67 certification (such as when the Galaxy S5)
  • -Memory card slot, which is why the larger memory models fall away)
  • -An edge + there will be no, since the S7 edge will have a larger display than the Galaxy S7

This year, edge concept in itself is already a great innovation. For the next generation’s should change but something to get out of the niche of luxury bauble and represent an interesting and realistic alternative to. Another WOW effect would be naturally by the way, as always, also still class! We hope that Samsung creates the jump and can introduce a new standard with the edge devices. In any case, it’s an interesting direction in the Smartphone world. Still, it seems unlikely and too risky, that Samsung will waive the next year on a Smartphone with straight display.