Samsung Galaxy S5: the Best Tips and Tricks

Samsung offers with the Galaxy S5 not only an updated TouchWiz, but also many of its own apps and features. We will show you interesting features that you personal set up the smart phone, provide better protection and easier use.

Galaxy S5: Buy Apps And Deals

Here at etaizhou, the Galaxy S5 is packed with exclusive apps and many features that Android has not included in the standard version.In contrast to its predecessor, you can decide here but partly even if you want to install these applications – which saves space on your internal memory and allows a more individual configuration. You will find the apps under “Essentials” and “Gifts”.

Also the new TouchWiz is convincing, because the Launcher looks finally tidy and modern. Also, you can now sort by categories areas such as the setting menu and hide single tab.

Touchwiz: Take Advantage Of Hidden Features

The feature list of the S5 is long: Samsung again provides non-contact operation air view a multi-window option, with which you operate parallel two apps, as well as a power-saving mode. The theft protection, is practically the you under “settings |” System | Enable security”. So, the Smartphone among others can track and remotely lock.

You will find these and more Galaxy S5 tips in our Photo Gallery.