Samsung Galaxy S III Is the Year Mobile in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S III has gotten an EISA award for being the year’s mobile in Europe, read here why.

Samsung Galaxy S (III) is located at the top of the smartphone-class, and has received top marks in many reviews, including our own.

And it is now being established by the European picture and sound Association (EISA), that it is a top of the range we are dealing with. The Samsung Galaxy S (III) provides the “best smartphone/mobile in Europe”.

Together with price is the Association has come up with a nice opinion on Samsung Galaxy S III.

-“Thanks to S Voice feature allows you to say” Hi “to the Galaxy S Galaxy III to start a virtual conversation. It is Samsung Galaxy series ‘ new flagship, which adds a large number of new technologies for the Android environment. Control via the voice and gestures include, among other things. a “Smart” Stay “feature which detects your eyes and keeps the display turned on as long as you look at it. There is also a “Direct Call” feature which automatically make calls when you put the phone to your ear. Galaxy S III is a sovereign EISA winner. ”

In 2010 won the prize for the year’s smartphone with Samsung Galaxy S, and in 2011 they also won the award for best mobile with Galaxy S II. Thus, Samsung now taken the grandest EISA awards, in mobile world the past three years.

The poplære phone from Samsung has just been confirmed, to land on the Danish market, in a brand new color, read what here.