Samsung Galaxy S (III) Beats Salgrekord

Samsung Galaxy S III has been sold more than twice as fast as its predecessor-read here how many.

Samsung Galaxy S III sells faster than anybody could expect,
confirms the company’s information Director Shin Jong-kyun, now to the South Korean our site.

Even before the device is out in all markets, Samsung can now rejoice, having sold 10 million Galaxy S III mobiles.

The figures have been achieved even though the Galaxy S III has only been on sale in the US market, in about one month, and the European in less than two.

With 10 million units sold, Samsung has sold around 190,000 units a day.

Galaxy S III is expected to be on sale at 296 telcos in 145 countries before the end of July, making it to Samsung’s largest mobile launch.

Samsung Galaxy S II grace 10 million units sold, at more than twice the time, for five months.