Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the News that the Galaxy 8 Notes would be presented at MWC in Barcelona and a grainy image of the Pack, finally, thanks to, we are able to offer you some photographs of that device. It is unclear whether the images of a prototype or final version, however, it seems that the latter is the most accepted by experts.

Nothing Galaxy S4 then at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, on the other hand will March all new line of tablets including just what you see in the PIC above confirming the display from 8 ″ 16:10 format.

The design is inspired in a rather striking that of the Galaxy S III and Note II, it is just a larger device with a physical key on the bottom and the sides, two traditional function keys of Android. Bottom right corner, the receptacle for S-Pen.

As I mentioned earlier, the screen will not have the aspect ratio of 16:9 but of 16:10, which will provide more space for content and therefore increases the readability of the text. The resolution should be that already anticipated by rumors that is 1280 x 800, while choosing the LCD technology is probably justified by the need to keep production costs low, and then selling.

Confirm the backup camera without flash, most probably to 5 megapixels.

For the moment, in addition to the already stated in specs taken from rumors, we have no further news on the tablet in question therefore remains to wait for the start of construction of the next Societypically for more information and especially to find out what other products Samsung has in the pipeline for its customers.