Samsung Galaxy Gear Original Are Updated and Let Android to Use Tizen

We continue with remarkable news for the sector of the wearables, as for not being a field still very green and still without bets that have attained great popularity. We have Android Wear, which is summarized in a system based on notifications and Google Now which is supported by LG and Motorola, and several bets of each of the manufacturers, like Sony, that keeps your system as that takes the Smartwatch 2 Sony, or Samsung, commitment to use Tizen and not going too bad.

This may be one of the reasons updated whereby the Korean company which would be one of the first wearables that could prove, the original Samsung Galaxy Gear, which harvested a very mixed reviews. In this update you can see the device leave aside Android to carry Tizen in its bowels.

This update is coming to the users via Kies and there are many problems that are emerging. In this update are lost all the data clock, besides which there is to pair the watch with the mobile or tablet and that third-party applications do not work, what developers will have to port your applications to Tizen, Although still Gear 2 and his family with this system it is very likely that they had already done.

This movement makes it very clear though still need Android phones and tablets, in Smart Watches having the opportunity of not having to answer to anyone, although it is a continuation of the strategy with the Gear 2. It is also clear that It is very unlikely that they end up opting for Android Wear, at least in the short and medium term.