Samsung Galaxy Beam-It Is as Much Fun (Mini Test)

Web TV: Android smartphone with built-in projector, so movies and games can be shot up on a wall. We have tested the Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Samsung Galaxy Beam is a different smartphone, which on the surface is reminiscent of an ordinary Android phone.

It runs Android 2.3, has four inch TFT screen at 480 x 800 pixels and runs at 1 GHz dual-core processor. In addition, a 5 megapixel camera and a front camera with 1.3 megapixels.

At the top sits the difference; a mini projector with a brightness of 15 ANSI lumens. The idea is, you can project movies, YouTube clips, internet or games, up on a wall. The image can be up to 50 inches.

A standalone projector typically have a lysstyke of over 2,000 ANSI lumens, so the brightness from Galaxy Beam is limited.

Requirements: quite dark

Projector part works amazingly well — but there must be pretty dark, before it really works. The image quality is good, compared to what the source is. A small button on the phone’s right side teeth and turns off the projector.

Even if the projector is both impressive and fun, so I doubt the great success for Samsung. This stuff is “show off – see what we can” — just as 3D phones and Nokia’s 41 megapixels Pureview 808-smartphone.

In daily life I doubt you want to use it for anything other than to impress friends.

In the test, we were able to smoothly display both movies, internet and games on the wall.

Desktop Charger and headset in the package

In the sales package includes a headset, two batteries on each 2000 mAh as well as a desktop charger. I miss a little foot or keep your phone can be placed stable (and right on) so that the image on the wall will be equal.

As a regular smartphone Samsung Galaxy Beam fails nothing but the price is high. According to our site is the fair price without subscription around 3,600 crowns.

The recommendation is to buy only the Galaxy Beam, if the friends must be surprised with that you have a gadget, as the warranty does not have.