Samsung Galaxy 5: Comparison Specifications with 4 Notes and Notes 3

Unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge +, the Galaxy 5 is an important novelty in the panorama of international mobile. Although the release of this product doesn’t involve Europe, at least for the moment, notes 5 is definitely a considerable step forward compared to 4 Notes. The series Notes aligns the S series for aesthetics, materials and specifications. Although the RAM is greater than the S6, well 4 GB, for the first time the series notes not brings an improvement for processor and hardware in General. 5 notes is virtually identical to the current S6 and S6 Edge, as well as S6 Edge + and mounts the CPU Exynos 7420 which premiered in February.

Changes the approach to type notes: no memory expansion, no removable battery but a design identical to the Edge but overturned. Curved front and rear glass, metal and a strength greater than previous models known.

It also changes the system’s Pen is now safer and you do not risk losing your pen. The engagement is kind to some microSD with a push and pull to remove the stylus.

In plant 5 and Notes 4 Notes are not very different and also we got two dimensionally similar smartphones even though they see Note 5 weight and thickness benefits even if the battery is partially sacrificed. A taste 5 Galaxy Notes therefore that turns out to be very interesting but maybe S6 less attractive than fans of the series notes they could imagine. Pity that at present will not be marketed in Europe.

  • Samsung Galaxy 5is available online from Elettroprice to 530 euros or fromePRICE in 849 euro. The price is decent and there are 6 better models.
  • Samsung Galaxy 4 is available online from electronicsencyclopedia to 429 euros or from ePRICE to 716 euros. The value for money is discreet. There are 11 best models.
  • Samsung Galaxy 3 Notesis available online from Amazon Marketplace at 384 euros or from ePRICE to 828 euros.