Samsung Best Selling in Europe

Apple has been beaten as the best-selling mobile brand in Europe, and Samsung topper in great style.

Samsung has been the best-selling brand of mobile phones in Europe, and sits on 45 percent of the market, according to data from Catarrh World panel ComTech. It writes our site.

The positive sales figures from Samsung is largely due to the top models Galaxy S II and III, but Samsung has a number of smartphones in different price ranges. And in the United Kingdom it says Samsung on five of the ten best-selling. 

Samsung’s success has also meant a growth of Goolges mobile operating system Android’s total market share in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. It has since July last year has grown from 42.7 percent and percent in July this year 65.7. Spain is “Android-land” with a market share of the entire 84.1 percent.

Different things are going in the United States, where Android’s market share has fallen by 6.8 percent the last year.

BlackBerry loses part customers in the United Kingdom, where they might otherwise have had a share of the market with 21.6 percent last year against only 10.9 percent of the market this year. It is only in France that RIM does not lose market share.