Samsung: Apple Stole Pinch-to-Zoom

Samsung claims that Apple copied pinch-to-zoom from an old Mitsubishi interface. See video of the technology here.

The lawsuit between Apple and Samsung running at full pressure. Apple has, among other things, submitted a report, which shows how to use the Samsung Galaxy S-team nod to the iPhone, but now will be that shot back.

According to our site trying to convince the Court, therefore, Samsung, that Apple copied the pinch-to-zoom-that is to say the maneuver, using two fingers to zoom in or out on the touch screen.

An old multitouch-use interface called the Diamond Touch, which Mitsubishi is behind, was pulled up with an argument that Apple should not have pinch-to-zoom-patent. Samsung pointed out in the same place that Apple met with Mitsubishi in 2003.

The similarity between the Diamond Touch and Apple’s pinch-to-zoom can be seen in the video below – ca. 37 seconds into the clip.