Samsung Adds Distance to Apple

IDC has just published a new report, where it is seen the Samsung and Apple sold half of all smartphones in Q2.

IDC has just published their report on the mobile market in the second quarter, and it draws the same image as the first quarter of this year.

Mobile clients take smartphones for themselves, and the second quarter was the best selling ever with more than 406 million units sold. However, there are “only” in the case of an increase of 1 percent compared to the previous quarter.

Looking at the manufacturers, so it is still a Samsung and Apple that dominates. They are behind nearly half of all smartphones sold. Exactly there either Apple or Samsung stood at a total of 49.5 percent of the phones that were sold in the second quarter.

The distance to the Apple gets bigger

Samsung Galaxy S (III) to thank for that edge to Apple and other manufacturers on the smartphone market gets bigger.

The last few years Samsung has increased their market share of smartphones from 17 to 33 percent of the world market. Apple is in the same period has gone from 19 to 17 percent.

But in the second quarter, there is no doubt that Samsung is the new market leader. They were sitting with the entire 33 percent of the market, Apple is seen in second place with 17 percent, followed by Nokia in third place with 6.6 percent. Fourth place goes to HTC with 5.7 percent and ZTE closely behind with 5.2 percent.

A question is so clear in the wings, namely whether the Galaxy S III can go the distance when Apple comes with next-generation iPhone.