Sales at Nokia-Sold out of Values

More than 500 patents, bridge-building software and the like are sold to get money into the apparently empty coffers.

The highly pressured mobile manufacturer Nokia has now sold 500 of their patents, as well as a special software business unit that makes applications usable on different mobile systems. It writes our site.

Nokia is struggling to survive against Apple and Google’s Android. It has, among other things, resulted in a massive wielding on 10,000 posts, as well as the sales of Nokia’s production of luxury Vertu mobiles. And Yes now have software Department Qt, so also suffered the same fate and has been sold off. Qt saves lots of time and money, but does not work with Windows Phone.

Qt software is used by more than 450,000 developers the world over, what sales earns Nokia remains to be. Sales of the 500 patents have brought Nokia around 22 million dollars.