Sailing Shoes

The look:Sailing boots, also called boots, are flat shoes. Characteristic is the leather strap, which runs through the eyelets along the shoe. As the name implies, sailing shoes come from the sea.  The thick, non-slip rubber sole with a strong groove profile can drain the water on board through the grooves. This prevents you from slipping on board and going over deck. From the look of the elite students from the USA, who combine sailing boots with club blazers, shirts and chinos, the shoe model has also prevailed in Germany, and in the last few seasons, the polo and BWL dust is becoming more and more important. In 2011, the Nordic model in Azurblau, Cognac or Gelb also radiates at the stylish feet of modem girls and releases an ever-increasing trend wave. Well-known classic brands are Ralph Lauren, Sperry and Timberland. The newly interpreted sailing boots can also be found in the famous chains and onlineshops.

Styling tips: fashion sailing shoes are casual and sporty-those who do not want to dare to break up can move around in this fashion world. Chinos and jeans are the perfect partner for the maritime look. Trend setteries provide a break, combine sailing boots with summer dresses, maxi-coats and waist pleats, put on colored models in yellow, light blue and red, beyond brown speckled leather. No-Go: With polo shirts and pearl earrings, you get a clichéed look, which is hardly to be surpassed. So feel off the beaded Paula look! Give your sailing shoes a fresh breeze Fashion!