Sadok Novelty in Glazes

Sadok – brand new national glazes

The Specillità brand is already well known for the quality of their glazes. Often the installation of brand partnerships and personalities, novels, among others. Now, the big news is the release of a second brand of the group. The “Sadok”, which comes from the Hebrew meaning Holy, ever hits the market bringing 22 different colors for vain and stylish women.
Check out the colors of the first collection of Sadok:

Alpha- the hallucinating white with satin matte effect;

Beta -magnificent choir to contemporary women

TAV -the sophistication of wine with soft touch of brightness

Omicron- elegance of Brown

TAU- lilac to delicate and sophisticated women

Dalet- orange which is one of the strong trends for summer

ALEF- the traditional red closed

Lambda- a mixture of purple and gold multichrome effect

Delta – the bold purple with bright light touch

Lamed -daring mix of blue and purple indeed multichrome

SAV- rose closed for looks with refinement

TET- lead single with shining pigments

NUN -the elegance of the nude with Pearly touch

PI – a special combination of blue and green with multichrome effect

YOD -the natural beauty of brass

Shin- pink for women tuned

Sigma – blue Klein varnished

Resh -purple bold personality for women

Omega- the classic black with varnish effect

Zeta -purple Pearl with sophistication and elegance

Gimel- sand, classic and current

Range – passionate Red