Sachet Recycled Denim

This is another simple and good ideas to recycle clothes, because for this craft just need a pair of jeans you no longer use and the procedure is very fast and simple.


  • old jeans
  • Thread
  • points
  • Scissors
  • Cintas
  • Cierreo velcro


  1. Cut the back pocket of jean following their natural shape and covering both sides of the pants.
  2. Sew the sides to unite them, remember toleave one side open.
  3. Cose in the upper part or Velcro closure.
  4. Finally you can make a strap so you canimagine, a tie, a nice bar, etc.

This bag is convenient to use and simple to make, also will take advantage jeans that otherwise would have had to shoot. Combine it with all, remember that the denim goes with whatever.