Running With Heat

1 Plan Your Trips
It activates your body with a workout first thing in the morning, or take advantage of that in the spring and summer we have more daylight hours to run late in the afternoon. Prevents the Central hours of the day and, if it is not possible, look for shaded routes, attempts that your route has some source where you can hydrate yourself and refresh yourself.

2 Fits Your Body Heat
It reduces the heating time. A corridor against high temperatures performance decreases, so you not obsessions you for keystrokes or the speed that you should. Nor do long workouts the first day that you post to the heat. Better to start with runs shorter to try our feelings and progressively increase the duration of the training.

3 Moisturize You
As I have said, you are looking for a source on your route either takes the water up. Get a hydration belt or takes a bottle in his hand. Don’t wait to be thirsty to drink because it is symptom that dehydration has already begun. For outs 45 minutes or an hour, water is enough but for longer training incorporates isotonic salt water or mix it with isotonic drinks. By sweating, we lose electrolytes, which are those that allow us to assimilate the fluids we drink. Water alone does not replace the salts that we lose.

  1. What Me Pongo?
    Look in your wardrobe clothes with light colors, reflecting the Sun’s rays. Choose sports bras of janesportsbras that are loose and breathable fabric, so sweat can evaporate and your body temperature to be balanced. (Insert photo breathable range eliofeel-elioplay).

5 Accesorizate!
Put your head in an Cap or a visor. The hood protects the eyes and the face, so if the Sun does not give truce, get a CAP to keep the head covered and protected. Sunglasses not only protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, but also the skin that is around. The forgotten many times are socks. If it is important that they are breathable, in summer it is more. You will avoid the appearance of blisters, irritation and even fungi. You can combine them with the use of Podiatric powders.

6 Protects Your Skin
We’re not talking just of avoiding premature aging of the skin, but also prevent melanoma and skin cancer. The sweat that is attached to the skin multiplies the harmful effect of the solar radiation, so it is best to use sunscreen with a high SPF and that is resistant to the water in all the areas that will be discovered. Even in the chest and back if you decide at the last minute running shirtless!