Roskilde Festival Offers Mobile Data Boom

The annual festival in Roskilde is in progress and it also means that there is pressure on the mobile network.

Roskilde Festival warm-up days also makes sure to heat it up. According to TDC mobile network were made as many calls in an hour, which are usually made on a day in the month of February in the whole of Roskilde.

In 2011 had Our site three million calls in the course of the Festival, and the phone company experience the same behavior by their customers. This year, during the Festival’s first four days made more than half a million calls and sent more than a million sms messages via  network. It writes our site.

Our site’s Chief press officer, Peter Glüsing, also tells that the consumption of mobile data has doubled year on year. Last year used our site customers more than a terabyte in the course of the Festival.

-“The data traffic we see during the Roskilde Festival, corresponds to the total data traffic we see in a city, such as Haslev with good 11,000 inhabitants in the course of half a year,” explains Rolf Hermansen, who is responsible for Our site’s coverage strategy.

Phone company has compared to last years multiplied seven times their capacity, among other things, five new mobile antennas, which must ensure the data connection for the company’s customers.