Romantic Style Outfits

Pastel colors of the buds and confetti, sweets and glide lines, pre-raffaelite atmospheres for modern icons Romantic.

Of romance icons

Many icons of the romantic look for inspiration: Audrey Hepburn, with his soap and water make-up, her hair and clothes to the knee with flared skirts, the young Robin White (later Mrs. Penn) in the part of Princess Princess Bride with long dresses to the ankles decorated by hand and long flowing blond curls, Audrey Tatou for ten years icon of French romanticism with flowers and cardigan on brick tones of Amelie Poulin, style echoed by Juliette Binoche in Chocolat that the boots prefers red shoes with a very sensual heel coupled with perforated shawls; while the UK version of sentimentality remains the elegant and sober Princess Kate (on the other hand you know, the princesses are always sentimental).

A closer look at their styles are not the same and recognize different eras in the interpretations… Yet express in the same way a melancholic sentimentality, a slow seduction desire, the desire to find love and the only key.

A bouquet of colors

For the romantic look the most popular colors are delicate on pastel tones, from powder to yellow banana, cream of white, pink and blue verdeacqua. A bouquet of colored buds mild spring from nude look. Alternatively French indoctrinated us with tones brick, dark green to match with powder pink more cargo or blue and brown tobacco or saturated yellow towards a solution more vintage and definitely a connection with Parisian style. The monochrome of a leader should be combined with tone on tone polka dots, lace details in the white collar and cuffs of shirts and skirts, pieces openwork mesh playing with transparencies. The “handmade” is an important element for that the perforated mesh are a staple of the wardrobe of the young woman.

The lines of seduction

This look is simple but comfortable. The skirts are too short, narrow or tight pants are not home. The lines are soft, especially in skirts that recall the 50s and no shortage of pleated, generally with a high waist. These can be combined with cardigans more clingy or cache-coeur, unique elements that embrace the forms. This style gives the impression of not wanting to leave the comfort of a soft sweater, winter strictly cachemeare. The shawl is an element that can characterize decisively the romantic style. Seduction is a little physical game and very intellectual, the sweetness is the main weapon of romantic and renounce aggressive approaches as well as the make-up (it is understood that the make up is there but not seen).

It is important to note, however, as this look has different forms depending on the situation.In clothing of every day we can say that has a retro accent : often a leather shoulder bag or a silk white shirt can emphasize the style, as well as a clip in your hair. In circumstances as “ceremony ” this trend veers shapes and colors plus pelleted and, instead of referring to the years ’60- ’70, recalls the atmosphere of the post-war boom and the sophistication of the princesses of all ages. The delicate and worked jersey, replacing silk or (sparingly) organza, shinier materials. For the evening many outfits discover shoulders and decolletage suggesting a pre-Raphaelite atmosphere, un’Ophelia Millais, engaging and decisive as that expressed by Vanessa Bruno.

Melancholic and romantic

Polaroid in the lower left corner a mood mesh perforated gonnellona blue Max & Co. and crocheted sweaters Stefanel. The top dress polaroid long Vanessa Bruno SS2013. Skirt knit creamy Stefanel and knit blue Comptoir des Cottoniers. K.Jaques slippers and cache-coeur Missoni.

The perforated mesh is symbol of romance, the softness of the forms cancels aggression and gives a picture of melancholy of the past. The cache-coeur is a typical garment of this style that recalls the style of classical dance school.


Vanessa Bruno in the clothes polaroid, the first is a maxidress cream and powder pink, the second is yellow banana and finely worked with three-quarter sleeves puffed finally a pink dress nude look with long sleeves and work on the waist / dress cream color silk worked Stefanel / Enamels and nude-colored Dior handbag / right, the last pieces of Comptoir des Cottoniers collection: pink cotton skirt on white sweater, little belt two-color woven leather, 70 years white dress and black flats with bow on the heel.

Shades of romantic look go from flesh-colored, with blush pink, the pink, tacking on yellow banana and combinations on the white and ecru. The lines that ensure a sentimental and candid effects are loose clothing to the ankles and flared skirts. As suggested by the designer Vanessa Bruno, the maxidress with wide necklines give a pre-Raphaelite effect … the stars lines buttoned direzionerebbero instead on “schoolgirl look” (which is not romantic, it’s simply chastised …).

Colors like confetti

Pink Belt COS / glossy jacket with one button Sisley / Gonna bag of Max Mara, caramelize with the color green water / COS / Wedges In the image of blue silk skirt with painted decorations, knitted three quarters rose, pink raffia hat and low leather shoes in the look proposed by Agnes B.

The romantic look is ideal for ceremonies, occasions when it is allowed to use candied colors. To avoid gown banality “christening” and buy pieces that then can be used separately, we propose to approach the flared knee-length skirt with white wedges and a pink jacket. Beautiful purse iridescent silk.

Prints: stripes and flowers

The model idossa gonnellona lounguette bright yellow with shirt with white stripes and yellow banana Comptoir des Cottoniers / bag canvas D & G / dress of blue and brown silk striped with little belt leather Roberto Musso / Hanging the semitransparent dress and skirt fiorata of Marni, as well as the organic canvas shopper with design / Shoes Guja plateau.

The rows and floral prints this year also designed the romantic look. The length of the skirt is strictly below the knee but can be daring high heels, provided of nude-colored shoes. The detail of the sleeves is another ingredient of this style, as well as the high life (for those who can).


Model wears a flared skirt and pink sweater in brown cotton COS / nude-colored pouch of COS / Perfume Miss Dior / Hanging in the tone asymmetrical polka dot skirt on tone Sisley / The Polaroid transparent shirt with white silk tank top from Helmut Lang / the two girls in the picture Max Mara dress with pleated skirts colored banana and apricot and pink knitted sweaters and cream / Dancers Porselli.

The tones of romantic leaders of this season are desaturated and offer interesting combinations between the different shades of pink, yellow, apricot. A color that, towards autumn, can still make live your romantic garments, is the brown, as recommended by COS, thanks to which will be spontaneous play with the nuances of a retro and vintage look.