Rock in Rio Bracelet: What You Need to Know

Finally, the biggest festival in Brazil has adopted an accessory that has long been seen in the biggest festivals in the world: the bracelet. As of this edition, access to Rock in Rio will be made using a bracelet with RFID technology, equipped with a chip that allows to carry out transactions through radiofrequency. With the Rock in Rio bracelet you will have your access to the validated Rock City at the entrance of the festival and also participate in actions within the event.

To do all this, when you receive at home or withdraw at a physical point the bracelet, you must register it. All the details of this procedure are in the following guide, with a step-by-step explanation.

But before proceeding you should promise not to violate the gold commandment of the festival bracelets.

Supreme Commandment: You Will Not Wear The Rock In Rio Bracelet Before The Festival Day

You should put the bracelet on your arm only on the event day. You should also only touch the clasp of the bracelet when you put it on your arm. The clasp that adjusts the bracelet is tamper-proof. It is very difficult to remove it from the arm or readjust the catch without causing any damage. And bracelets with some kind of breakdown will not be accepted.
Many people who went to Lolla had a headache because they did not hold the anxiety and put or tampered with the bracelet ahead of time. On the one hand, you can understand, because this is a big news for many people, but it is important to contain to avoid problems for you, too.

Rock In Rio Bracelet Step By Step: Receiving/Withdrawing And Registering

As promised, then you know what to do when you have your bracelet on hand. As new information comes up, this post is being updated, okay?

1. Withdrawal/Receipt

Physical Points

If you have chosen to remove the Rock in Rio bracelet at a physical point, be aware of the withdrawal schedule:
Until September 14: at the intermediate mezzanine of the Carioca subway station, at Rua da Carioca, s / n, downtown Rio de Janeiro. The service of withdrawal of the bracelets is available from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 7pm and also on Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Retreat scheduling service is also available. Thus, to avoid the queues, you can schedule the times in which you can remove the bracelets, by means of this link here
During the days of the festival: during the event, the bracelets can be taken at the official box office of Rock in Rio, which is in Rock City. During the festival (15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23 and 24 of September), the ticket office opens at 10am and runs until 10pm. On the middle days-September 18, 19 and 20-the box office serves the public between 11am and 7pm.

Home Delivery

If you have opted to receive the bracelet at home, wait for the receipt between May and August 2017, the delivery period established by Rock in Rio. You can track and trace the delivery of the bracelets in your Shopping History on the website.
If you wish, you can change the receiving address as long as your order has not yet been delivered. You can make this change in your Shopping History.
You will receive all the bracelets of your order in one package. If the contents of the package do not conform to your request (less wristbands or bracelets of different days), you must report what happened in the self-service.
Two delivery attempts will be made. If there is no one to receive the request, your wristbands will be available for physical withdrawal and you will receive a notice by email.
In case of doubts about the progress of your delivery, use the self-service provided by the production.

2. Registration

With the Rock in Rio bracelet in hand, you must register it on this site . This register is what customizes the bracelet. That is, it is he who makes the bracelet nominal and determines the person who will use the ticket on the day of the festival.
For example, if you bought three tickets – one for you, one for a friend and one for sister, each of you must register your own bracelet. This applies to both full and half-ticket tickets. In the case of the half-entry, it will be necessary to inform in the act of registering the data of the document that prove the benefit of the stocking of the user in question. This same document must be presented at the entrance of Rock in Rio.

Vixe! Did You Put The Wrong Name At The Time Of Registration? Want To Pass The Bracelet On To Someone Else?

No problem, baby! According to the organization of the festival, after registering the Rock in Rio bracelet it will still be possible to change the user quietly

Is The Rock In Rio Bracelet Going To Be Cashless The Same On Lolla?

No not yet. It will be used, for now, to enter the festival and participate in activities there. Food, beverages and products in general must be purchased in the “traditional” way: with credit, debit or money card or with the transport card Rock in Rio First Class.

And How Much Are Things Going To Cost Inside?

It is not known when and if the production will inform in advance the value of food and drinks inside the festival. However, you can rely on the 2015 values to try to estimate how much money you will spend (remember there are drinkers in Rock City and you can get in with industrialized food).