I’ve covered just wandering on various blogs on Sunday evening. Roberta is a soap and water girl, who has an angelic face and loves, of course, fashion. His blog is easy to remember because it is his name so

Roberta is 21 years old, profession is beautician and lives in the suburbs of Milan. His blog has existed since 2012 but in September that care in a more assiduous. I ask her to tell me a bit about her and her style: ” I would define my casual chic style, always based on simple look, just casual, comfortable, but with a twist given maybe by accessories or some other leader. “Roberta started to be widely followed on Instagram, his photos liked a lot, and that’s why she decided to start a blog and simply call it by its name, just to be more recognizable.


His looks are always well kept and particular, is always perfect between makeup and wigs… I would ask how long it takes to prepare, on average. “To prepare myself, if I take it just slowly, we use up one hour showers every morning, cream, hair dryer, make-up, an arranged to hair according to the crease I want, I get dressed and go ready! They are not always at the top, but I try to always be presentable, more than for others even for myself! “Brava Roberta, well said.We come before any fashion and trend.

The blogger Roberta follows with great interest are:
“Chiara Ferragni , among other things not much, in the sense that I started to follow her, perhaps this summer when unlike many, I began to appreciate her style and pictures. I would call it smart, a little ‘snob but in the positive sense of the term, determined.

Sincerelyjules which I always find perfect even when it is in jeans. She hits me a lot of his being sophisticated, tremendously beautiful in every situation and chic.
The last but not the last blogger is Garypeppergirl , for her I have no words. Sweet, classy, beautiful, fashionable, bonton, stylish. “I fully share his choices.


But now I ask you to tell me about his outfit and tell me on what occasion he wore. “My outfit is started from the coat now pretty stale but apparently with a print that is coming back in vogue, or houndstooth. For the fact that there are quite minimal I paired the usual black and white colors, although for the time and the fog of these days the idale would wear something fluorescent! About two weeks ago I purchased a very fine undershirt and I decided to wear it with a sweater purchased also not too long ago, reported by NonprofitDictionary. Not to abandon the summer of all, why not put a white trouser with under black tights and a pair of court shoes not too high so as to be comfortable and chic at the same time?

As for accessories, now I can not tear myself away from my necklace with the little hand of Fatima given to me by Andrea in Greece this summer, and having found the similar bracelet, I can not tear myself away even from that! In addition I also wore another necklace with a simple circle that has a beautiful meaning. The bag is in faux black leather and even gloves. Honestly, I will be strange but this look I wore it for a pizza at the restaurant and go to the movies, but it probably also wear it during the day to go around the streets of Milan, perhaps with a pair of ballet shoes or lace instead that of the heels.”

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