Risks of Skinny Jeans for Health

As thousands of people around the world, you also have the custom of wearing jeans too tight, in everyday life, be attentive to rabits of skinny jeans for health, disclosed through a medical study conducted in Australia.

The alert went out in the scientific journal “Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry”, British publication specializing in the area of Neurology, whose latest edition brought a study done by Australian doctors, from the case of a woman of 35 years of age.

Risks Of Skinny Jeans For Health

While wearing a skinny pants, she got several hours down, emptying closets for a change, and at the end of the day, he felt numbness in his feet and found it difficult to walk, which led her to trip and fall.Unable to get up, she stayed a long time on the ground, until it was found and taken to hospital.

To be fulfilled, the woman was with the calves so swollen that doctors had to cut his pants to pull it out. In addition, she couldn’t move her ankles and even felt the legs and feet.

According to medical research, the cause of the problems was the use of tight pants. Prolonged compression, which happened during the squats, the nerve fibers and muscle in the legs of the patient were damaged, a situation exacerbated by jeans fair enough.

The patient underwent intravenous drip therapy and only managed to walk normally after four days, when discharged from hospital, according to the detailed information on British magazine which States still have reports of other cases of leg numbness caused by tight jeans.

The Compartment Syndrome

The doctors responsible for the study, the woman developed a condition called compartment syndrome, which is a reduction in blood supply to the leg muscles. With that, swelling occurs in the muscles and nerve compression.

For those who have the habit of wearing pants too tight, is the warning of the risks of using tight jeans, which are even greater if the person spending a lot of time down. In case of discomfort, in these situations, it is recommended to see a doctor.

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