RIM Gets Giant Fine-More May Be on the Way

RIM has lost a major patent case, and is now sentenced to pay a large amount, but more million may be on the way.

RIM, which stands for Research in Motion, has been sentenced to a million fine for having broken Mformation’s patents.

The fine sounds at eight dollars per unit which violate the patent, and according to the judge, it has been decided to the whole of 18.4 million units.

This means that RIM now has received a total fine of 147 million dollars, or approximately 920 million Danish kroner.

But more may very well be on the road, for now, is considering suing the Mformation RIM for units that have been sold outside the United States, and break the same patent.

A bad bill for RIM, which already have seen their shares fall by 70 percent in value in the past year, and had poor quarterly accounts it writes our site.