Riding a Look with Letterman’s Jacket

If there’s one thing I love to do, is get ready to go to an event feeling gorgeous and full of self-esteem. And when I was invited to a parade of Track & Field last week, I was super excited to do just that, since it’s been ages since I attended one of these! I spent a couple of days thinking about how I could get dressed for a parade of a sports brand, being stripped but keeping the look really nice and tidy. To get this footprint, I decided to put together a look with Letterman’s jacket pattern of stars to be the protagonist of this Fight… Let’s see if it works!

ince my jacket is kind of bulky, decided to oppose the format with a pencil skirt well dry, stuck to the body, H & M. And while the skirt has the waist high, I thought it was a good idea to combine with a crop top (for once!). But I thought the top I chose (Juliana Jabour) too small, gets a lot of tummy showing. You do look like a shirt a little bigger!

Swapped the crop black American Apparel and much better! Same idea, except belly.

Decided on the first layer, it was time to experiment with the jacket and view was all right. I loved the mix of prints between the skirt and the twinkle of the coat, and as I had imagined, it was cool to be clothes tightly to compensate for the volume of the coat.

With the clothes ready, it’s time to choose your s

hoes. Want even more pictures on the look, so I chose my Grasshopper anabela of Aldo, but didn’t like it. In addition to the print coloridona take a polluted on the look, I thought the jump too heavy for the delicacy of the skirt. The idea was that only the jacket had a different footprint from the rest of the look, and with the colorful romp that didn’t happen!

I decided to abandon the idea of one more pattern and chose a shoe with an ethnic detail of Nine West, quite different from the rest of the look. This time Yes, loved it!

As the shoe has several details royal blue, went straight on my clutch velvet American Apparel, the same color was good, right?:)

It was just add a lot of rings and bracelets and a clock and voila! Look ready! Look at the details down there:

The look was complete, like this:

And the show was great! Full of beautiful thing, that after I post here! But hey, what do you think of the look with Letterman’s jacket? I got dressed up and stripped footprint at the same time? Comment!