Ride a Group Bike Safely with the Tips of Garmin

Progressive braking, constant communication between the various group members, safety distance and control over the remaining vehicles on the road are some of the tips that reinforce the safety of cyclists;

The Varia™ Rear Radar for bicycles alerts cyclists of the cars behind, up to 140 meters away. It is a standalone equipment and can be integrated with cycling computers, such as the Garmin Edge range;

The Edge® 820 cycling computer places all cyclists on the map with compatible devices, meaning you can quickly identify where you are through Group Track functionality, get it from cheeroutdoor.com.

Cycling is an activity that, despite the physical exertion it involves, is very enjoyable. Not only does it allow you to enjoy fantastic scenery, but also to live with family and friends. Group cycling requires, however, some attention and compliance with some safety rules. Garmin, a leading provider of portable navigation equipment, shares a range of safety and travel advice that makes it more fun and relaxed.

Lock Progressively

As with any other vehicle, you should always avoid abrupt braking. Cyclists who are running behind may not be able to react in a timely manner to avoid a collision. Reduce speed progressively, especially if you are on a more complicated descent. Nor should it stop shortly after the technical area, because it runs the risk of creating a barrier to the other cyclists who are also descending.

Constant Communication

If you circulate in front of the group, it is very important to inform the other members of the dangers that may exist on the road, such as holes, stones, among other things. You can do it with a voice signal, if the group is small, or with a whistle, if you are traveling with a lot of people. In the fastest descents, you must also warn the other cyclists whenever you cross with someone, so that they can slow down

Control The Vehicles That Circulate With You With The Varia ™ Radar

Cars and lorries on the road may prove to be dangerous for cyclists if both parties do not take precautions. The vehicles must maintain a safe distance between them and reduce the speed. Cyclists should also move away and slow down to avoid loss of balance resulting from the correction force.

To help cyclists and make riding safer, Garmin has added a Varia™ Rear Radar to its product portfolio. This radar alerts cyclists of cars approaching from behind, up to 140 meters away. It is a standalone device and can be integrated with cycling computers, such as the Garmin Edge range.

Respect The Spaces

Cyclists should always maintain a safe distance between bicycles to avoid accidents in case of braking, changes of direction, or other unforeseen maneuvers during the course.Safety must always be a priority.

Advice For All Occasions

This advice is also valid for people who ride a bike on their own because, although they do not run in groups, they can annoy other cyclists who are on the road. If you receive a telephone call, if you need to stop to remove or put on the waterproof suit, if there is any impurity in the eye or if you need to blow it, it is always advisable to stop for a moment and start again 100% concentrated on the route you are To do. If you are in a group, tell your teammates that you need to stop for a minute and that you can pick them up.

Track The Location Of Your Teammates With The Edge® 820

In the case of having to separate from the group, it is crucial to know where the other members are. The new Edge® 820cycling computer puts all cyclists on the map, which means you can quickly identify where you are through GroupTrack functionality. With this function, cyclists can keep in touch with the other members of the group, and even if one of them accelerates and leaves the line of sight, it will always be present in the map of colleagues and for that it is enough that they use equipment compatible with the function Live Track (In the Edge®, Forerunner®, fenix®, vívosmart® or vívoactive® ranges). This function works simply: the user only needs to have a compatible smartphone and pair the Edge 820 or Edge 820 Explore with the Garmin Connect ™ Mobile platform.

With a gloved or wet hands-on touch screen, more accurate GPS and data personalization, the Garmin Edge® 820 is the ideal complement to your bike travel, alone or in a group. Get out of the house and venture out with your bike friends!