Revlon Fall 2014 Makeup Collection

And ‘an elegant and sensual juxtaposition between the delicate pink of dawn and the deep black of night makeup made by make up artist Monica Robustelli Revlon, for the parade of Renato Balestra to AltaRomAltaModa.

Romantic and lively: Renato Balestra imagine so the woman Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/2015 and Revlon, which handled the make up of the parade, which took place on 15 July in Rome in the picturesque setting of the Borgo Santo Spirito in Sassia Lancisi Hall, has chose to be guided by the dominant color trend represented by the combination contrasting pink and black. it has thus created the look of a warrior princess, in which the eyes, magnetic and sensual, stand on a doll face, perfect dall’incarnato.

Make up viso

In makeup designed by Revlon makeup artist Monica Robustelli for AI 2014/2015 haute couture collection of Renato Balestra the face is naturally perfect, with cheeks and cheekbones illuminated by delicate pink nuances of different shades, depending on the complexion, for a contouring just mentioned, but effective: in this way, in fact, the face regains volume and three-dimensionality that inevitably get lost with the products that are used to even out the complexion and conceal imperfections. A base that can be used for various make-up, to be copied using the PhotoReady Skin Perfector BB Cream, the foundation Nearly Naked Makeup and PhotoReady Cream Blush.

Moisturizing, smoothing, opaque, corrective and enriched by the sun protection factor SPF 30, the PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector is designed to ” get the maximum reflection of light in all conditions” The first step to a radiant and flawless face, whose natural color can be enhanced by the foundation Nearly Naked ™ Makeup, which, with its impalpable texture does not weigh down the skin, but makes it rather cool and light. The face is so perfect, but at the same time natural, and thanks to blush cream PhotoReady Cream Blush gradient on the cheeks and cheekbones become the perfect canvas on which to paint magnetic and bewitching eyes.

Make up occhi

Eyes protagonists in Revlon makeup to the parade to AltaRomAltaModa the Fall Winter 2014/2015 by Renato Balestra. The designer has chosen to tell a story of contrasts, played on the delicate pink and full of hope dawn in contrast to the deep black of the night, and make up artist Monica Robustelli stressed this (apparent) dichotomy with a smokey eyes intense but too bright , which draws a woman who oscillates between tenderness and nostalgia with makeup bags from baglib. Revlon makeup eyes for Crossbow provides for a full stretch and marked pencil on the upper and lower rim, then faded to draw a triangle with the tip pointing upward, which goes from the corner until just beyond the end of ‘ orbital rim, antithetical to the bright pink of the upper eyelid.

One trick to great effect, almost theatrical, obtained with the pencil Colorstay Eyeliner, the mine soft and durable, the new mascara Bold Lacquer, which thanks to two different types of polymer coats the lashes “of a shiny film from basic the tip”, for” an end result of extreme volume and incredible length , “and a wise use of lead-gray and pink present in the palette of eye shadows Colorstay Eyeshadow Goddess, lit by a touch of PhotoReady Cream Blush.

Make up labbra

Sensual and shiny as small stylized pink flowers and watermarks Swarovski decorating the sumptuous evening dresses mermaid of Renato Balestra AI 2014/2015 Haute Couture collection, in Revlon make up for the fashion show of the designer Trieste lips are like protagonists Of the eyes. A leading role achieved thanks to lipstick Colorstay Moisture Stain, a wet-look lipstick from “incredible tightness”, which was premiered at the show and will be on sale in perfumery and in shops and departments of shopping centers from September 2014.