Review: Samsung TV Monitor Series 7 (T27B750LB)

Continuing our series of electronic reviews, this time we had the opportunity to experience everything the Samsung 7 Series LED TV Monitor (model T27B750LB ) from Samsung has to offer.

Review: Samsung TV Monitor Series 7 (T27B750LB)

Announced at the beginning of last year , during CES 2012 , this device arrived on Brazilian shelves to offer a solution that combines characteristics of the best televisions and monitors of the Korean company.


  • Screen:27-inch LED;
  • Resolution:1920×1080 pixels;
  • Contrast ratio:5000000: 1;
  • Brightness:300 cd / m²;
  • Response time:5 ms;
  • Viewing angle:170/160 (horizontal / vertical);
  • Connectivity:DLNA, Ethernet and WiFi;
  • Inputs/Outputs:two HDMI, two USB, one component input, one AV composite video input, one Mini Jack audio input, one headphone input;
  • Digital TV signal receiver:yes;
  • Sound system:Dolby Digital +, DTS 2.0 and SRS TheaterSoundHD;
  • Sound power:two 7 W outputs;
  • Dimensions:63.6 x 47.4 x 20.4 cm;
  • Weight:6.5 kg.


Stealing the Scene

The first thing that catches your eye on the T27B750LB is its design.The whole structure of Samsung TV Monitor is based on curved and continuous lines, which, together with the curvature of the support that connects the screen to its base, give the device a very modern and sophisticated look – remembering quite a lot the devices we see in movies Futurists

Also, the model is relatively thin and lightweight for all it offers – you’ll know exactly what those functions are later in this article.Its 3.1 cm thick and 6.5 kg (already with the base) are equivalent to a conventional 26-inch LED TV.

Mixing the white and black colors on the Korean company’s monitor and television coat is another feature that makes it even more attractive.Undoubtedly, this device stands out both inside an office and on the shelf of your living room – and it’s not just because of its size.

Size for nobody to fault

Another point of the T27B750LB that deserves attention is the size of your screen.The 27-inch display is more than enough for any type of computer activity, especially for those who handle video and image editing or for those who have PCs that focus on gaming.

At first, we thought that this screen size would be exaggerated to be adopted as a monitor.However, during our analysis we had a very nice and natural adaptation.With such a change in our routine, we have come to the conclusion that this big dimension is a hand in the wheel for multitasking.

However, you should take a good look at the Samsung LED TV Monitor if you want to use it as a TV.That’s because, depending on the size of your room or bedroom, the inches offered by this model may not be enough for a better audiovisual experience when watching movies or watching your favorite TV shows, for example.

Click here to find out some simple calculations that can help you in this assessment.

Connectivity is the key word

Apparently, Samsung planned the entire T27B750LB on the concept of connectivity.If other competing devices bragged about being able to connect to the internet, the Korean company went far beyond this model and offers different mechanisms for you to integrate various types of gadgets.


Anyone who owns the brand’s latest laptops may have already noticed the presence of the AllShare feature.This tool, which uses DLNA technology, enables you to access any multimedia content on your smartphone, for example, directly from the Monitor TV.

You can watch videos, view photos, and listen to music stored on your phone or tablet more comfortably: on the 27-inch screen.The streaming of the content gave on isolated occasions some short “caught” – but nothing that has compromised our experience.


Another very interesting feature employed by this Samsung device is the Intel Wireless Display,or simply WiDi.Through this technology, you can share your notebook screen with your monitor without the need for any cable.All you need to have is a laptop that has this native feature developed by Intel.

If you hate those wires that limit your movement and leave your desk or work desk hideous and disorganized, this function is the solution to such drawbacks.


The connection means of the T27B750LB does not end there. It also has support for Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) technology, which works by means of a cable that is a kind of HDMI capable of transmitting power, in addition to audio and video signals, is compatible with micro USB ports.

So you can watch the multimedia content of your smartphone or tablet on Samsung Monitor TV in high definition and still charge it simultaneously.On top of all this, this model can function as a router and share the wireless internet with other devices.In short, the Korean company’s device is fully “plugged”.

Almost a computer

The fact that the T27B750LB has two USB ports allows a keyboard and a mouse to be connected to it.These peripherals can be a great help when you’re browsing the Smart Hub, the “smart”switch common on the brand’s smart TVs.

In this section, you have access to a multitude of applications through the Samsung Apps store, with which you can check your profiles on social networks, watch videos on YouTube, watch movies on streaming services (such as Netflix and NetMovies), establish conversations By Skype, check the weather, follow the news around the world and more.

With this, the Monitor TV can become practically a computer, obviously of low power, but that can allow you to surf the Internet, to communicate, to be informed, among other ordinary activities that we realize in the PC.


Missing wall mount bracket

While we were testing the TV functions of this Samsung model, we missed the support so that the device could be hung on the wall – which should also be felt by those who want to use the device as a television and put it in the room, for example.

It seems that the shape of its structure “prevents”it from being fixed on any flat surface, since the connection of the screen with the base is made by means of a curved structure – which would make the display incline upwards.

Also, if you use the PC on a desk against the wall, this mechanism could serve to free up space on the desk or study.Since the screen of the T27B750LB is very large, staying a little further away from it would not disturb anything.

More resolution would be welcome

Is the resolution of Samsung TV Monitor bad?No.The 1920×1080 pixels make up the current quality of most medium or large televisions and many more recent monitors.

However, we are quite picky on that point and, being a state-of-the-art line of the company, we expected a resolution that would set it apart from so many other products you might find on the shelves of electronics stores.

For example, if the manufacturer employed the 2560×1440 pixel resolution of the 27-inch iMac, it would add yet another huge draw to consumers.It is worth mentioning that the image quality presented by the T27B750LB was great both when used as a monitor and when used as a TV.However, our expectation was to find something different and superior in that sense.

Worth it?

The Samsung T27B750LB LED TV Monitor can be found in reliable e-commerce stores for prices ranging from $ 1,510 to 1,715 (according to internet searches conducted on February 14, 2013).

Is this value fair for everything the device offers?Taking into consideration that it can serve as a TV and monitor, this cost is acceptable to those who can afford it – since you would not have to purchase two electronics and would have a plethora of connectivity features, plus have a handsome device in the room or in the office.

However, keeping in mind the fact that you will not be able to use both sides of it at the same time, the T27B750LB can weigh considerably in the pocket of those who are looking for just one monitor or simply a television.

With the same amount spent on Samsung Monitor TV, you could buy a much larger TV to watch movies and play video games. In addition, monitors with similar characteristics (less TV, of course) can be found for values well below R $ 1,500.