Review Magic BB Cream 1 5:00 Pm Prep Lola Cosmetics!

Some time ago I got the Magic BB Cream 1 5:00 pm Prep of Lola Cosmetics and stayed a while thinking about how to use a product so different for hair. It is fashionable all kinds of BB Cream, for the locks could not be different-the idea here is to use the product with the hair clean, wet or dry. According to mark:

Review Magic BB Cream 1 5:00 Pm Prep Lola Cosmetics!

BB Magic Cream 1 5:00 pm Prep has a high level of thermal protection up to 230° C, provides protection maximum anti-break cauterizes the wires after chemical treatments, repairs and protects the hair internally and externally.

Without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, GMO, Triclosan.

Assets: Acai oil, Pracaxi oil, Monoi de Tahiti oil.

The packaging is very amazing, looks like a medicine bottle: comes with thread cover and an Eyedropper on the side that can be used as a lid. That way the use is much more practical and also easy to quantitate the amount needed for each application. I usually use a dropper full for all your hair, apply on damp hair after the bath in any length–never in the root-and comb to untangle.

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The smell is a little strong, but after you dry it practically disappears. In fact,  according to, this BB Cream Magic Prep work as a great Thermal Protector, can handle high temperatures as the curling iron and straightener-a salvation for those who always uses heat to shape the hair. The result is more full-bodied hair, which is great for girls with fine hair as I, as well as let well hydrated! Often spend some other oil finalizer, then the result is a lounge! Super recommend!

Have used BB Cream for hair?

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