Review: LEDON A66/13W – led “Bulb” for Bright Minds

A dimmable LED replacement for 60-watt incandescent lamps is the new top of the LEDON product range: The A66-“Pear” makes light power from 13 Watts about 800 lumens, shines with high color fidelity and a wide viewing angle.

Review: LEDON A66/13W - led "Bulb" for Bright Minds

Since January,retrofitspecialists LEDON is clear, where the journey goes in theMeanwhile Independent Austrian led: Consistently high lighting quality, greater half value angle at the circular lamps, new lamps and packaging design with color code Strip for the different variants, even more customer information than in the past. What has not changed: above-average development, material and overhead – associated partly also fairer, stronger dimensions and proud prices.

Round 30 Euro costs, for example, the new flagship of the range: the dimmable A66-“Pear” with 13 Watts, E27 screw base, good 800 lumen luminous flux, 2700 Kelvin color temperature, 260 degrees beam angle and colour rendering index CRI 90 (Pack snippet right, Download pdf of the data sheet). It replaces the previous LEDON-“model athlete” A65, which had only 12 Watts and 160 degrees half angle, but cost around 35 euros.

The new release on level A of the current EU eco-label is inserted with approximately 62 LM/w and an energy efficiency index (EEI) 0.20 determined by me.

Two pieces of information are missing

Unfortunately lacks the prescribed on the lamp, the packaging and in the data sheet“made in”– designation of origin. Probably it is a joint product of the LEDON manufacturing plants in China, Great Britain and Austria. Also missing will be demanded by the EU eco-design directive specifying the color consistency (in the MacAdam ellipse deviation SDCM degrees). Someone from LEDON overslept because what or did I just miss it?

Update 18.11: LEDON told me today on demand:

“Yes, you’re right.” The data sheets for this update are also currently in progress. “An addition to the site will be online this week.”

Heavy debris with Rubens mass

The material mix of metal and glass extends to 13 cm length, maximum of 6.6 cm diameter (A66) and adds up to enormous 217 grams (own measurement). Thus relativises the name “Retrofit” something; the size difference to traditional 60-watt incandescent lamps is at least impressive:

Probably gives it some traditional housing and frames that would be overwhelmed with this LED Trumm – so best before measure, whether new LEDON ‘ fits. Technically, however, there should be no problems, because brightness and viewing angle are at least equal to the old 60-Watt power guzzlers.

A closer look shows that also applied the concept of the recently featured A60/10W-Lampe : located inside the individual LEDs not – like the previous models – in the lower part of the hood, but in round column layout:

In my open test version, the lamp on a simple switch moved around two hours of “Swing” according to my “energy meter” 13.1 Watt electric power factor of 0.91 and was warm at the hottest chassis point 71 degrees. The matte glass hood remained painlessly touched during Assembly downwards with 35 to 40 degrees. Vertical air ducts, ending below the hood in a peripheral slot and apparently quite effectively provide a passive “chimney effect” cooling of power electronics lost in the white metal base.

During the test run at the dimmerlosen desk, I heard on about 5-10 cm distance a slightwhirring. That might be not critical for most applications. There was not a significant input and switch-off delay.

Dimmable up about 200 lumens

On a non-adjustable phase dimmers I could regulate the power consumption (including consumption of dimmer) smooth and flicker-free between 4.4 and 14.5 watts; the best performance factor was 0.87 (officially 0.75). A dimming from 100 to about 25% of maximum brightness was subjective – so ‘ down up to 200 lumens.

Here, something intensified but the whirring sound and was audible at a distance of 10 to 15 cm. Also, the response time, increased depending on dimmer position and inactivity. After prolonged lack of power there was approximately a quarter of a second at the lowest level about half a second switch – on and switch-off delay, lightest setting.

Elaborate electronic ballast

These times were reduced dramatically, if the lamp off in quick succession and was turned on. That suggests generously sized buffer capacitors, as well as an “intelligent” control electronics, which for the first time measures, which voltage is applied before she activated the LEDs with appropriately adjusted brightness.

The same behavior was exactly even the new 10-Watt-“Pear” in my test – here and there, the results may differ quite different dimmer models. The reference to the official compatibility list by LEDON is as always.

The official life is like at the smaller sister at least 25,000 light hours and 100,000 switching cycles. The two-year warranty is extended for “LEDON-Club”members without further costs over three years.

LEDON typical high color fidelity

According to aceinland, the great asset of this LED lamp generation is the wide dispersion of the LEDON typical, average colour-rendering index RA 90 (light bulb: RA 100, many brand lamps: RA 80). He is also in my standard color fidelity-“Model” noticeable – a site Ducati 916 in miniature against a white background:

The “warm white” color temperature of approximately 2700 Kelvin although ensures an incandescent-like yellow orange coloring of the object; even the shades difficulty for LEDs outside the range of the RA will be played but pretty fed up with and consistent.The same applies to human body parts, where various tanning and redness grade can be seen. Cheap LED lights make there is usually little difference and make everything look sallow greenish.

Lots of usage possibilities therefore for LEDON A66 / 13W: vanity mirrors in the bathroom, dining table, kitchen counter tops, living room, nursery – everywhere, where “cosy” light with decent color accuracy is needed.

My test result:

LED newcomers and-Laien is likely not obvious immediately why the energy-saving substitute for a 60 – Watt will costAround 30 euros “Lightbulb”. Finally, there is something from next Thursdayfor just under 10 euros at Lidl again (and even with only 10 Watts!). But how wrote the other day someone in a bargain Portal: “Somehow is the lamp purchase slowly to science.”

Right, because there is a huge difference between “not dimmable” and “dimming”, between 125 degrees and 260 degrees half value angle or color rendering index “RA > = 80” and “Ra 90”.

High quality and special skills cost money and often efficiency. LEDON serves as a medium-sized company with only a few dozen employees, great effort and commitment the gourmet and bright heads among LED lovers, where relevant these clearly are. 30 Euro (for the “Double Click”version) appear too much who, the same bright, non-dimmable A66 variant for 27,49 euro is the. In some cases, but also the dimmable 10-Watt/A60 with 600 lumens for 22,49 Euro should be sufficiently bright, which is still to be slightly smaller and lighter.

For maximum rating of my LED scale new LEDON A66 / 13W is in any case far too large and too heavy, me although she deserved here actually five star performance values. Due to the slight limitation of retrofit capability, there’s a small withdrawal and ultimately after all
four and a half star.