Review: Disney Magic Tablet (Tectoy TT-2500) [video]

Apparently, tablets have come to stay and win audiences of all nationalities, sex and age. Proof of this is the amount of children you can find using one of these laptops in malls, restaurants and during school-to-school, English-language classes, and soccer or ballet training.

Nothing silly, companies saw potential in this market and began to develop products focused on the little ones. One such device is the Magic Tablet Disney TT-2500 , which carries the Tectoy brand and is suitable for children from 5 years. We had this tablet in our hands and now we bring to you everything we think of it.


Screen : 7-inch capacitive LCD with support for five touch points and resolution of 1024×600 pixels;

Processor : ARMv7 dual-core 1.5 GHz;

GPU : Mali-400 MP;

Memory RAM : 1 GB;

Storage : 8 GB (expandable up to 32 GB via micro SD memory card);

Operating system : Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich);

Cameras : 2 megapixel rear and 0.3 megapixel front;

Connectivity : WiFi and Bluetooth;

Inputs / Outputs : micro USB and mini HDMI;

Battery : 4,000 mAh with autonomy for 6 hours of music, 5 hours of video and 4 and a half hours of navigation – as reported by Tectoy;

Dimensions : 12.1 x 19.3 x 1.1 cm;

Weight : 504 grams.


Children, but not so much

Unlike other gadgets designed for children, such as Nabi Jr , the Magic Tablet Disney is not all colored and does not have stylized buttons with boxes to indicate the “Home” function. In fact, the Tectoy gadget has curved lines that give it a modern look and elegant, but also more formal. Thus, the device can be used up by teens without them suffering any embarrassment.

The finish of the TT-2500 is flawless, following the standards of the high-standard tablets currently marketed. Another good thing about this device is the rubbery material used to cover your back, preventing your carcass from getting those finger marks left by the natural oiliness of our skin and promoting a safer “footprint” – preventing the gadget from slipping from Hands with ease.

The equipment analyzed is not a reference when it comes to weight. For example, it weighs 159 grams more than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch. However, we have no difficulty in securing it.

In addition, the size of your screen is quite suitable for children as it offers a nice viewing area and interaction and does not make it difficult for it to be held by their small hands. Thus, we believe that anyone, regardless of their age, can handle it without tiring or forcing their fingers too much.

Pleasing the children

Because it is child-friendly, the Magic Tablet has a multitude of features to make their routine more relaxed and enjoyable, which are centered on an application called the Disney Menu.

In terms of customization, the gadget provides wall papers of various animation studio characters and characters, including Mickey, Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Snow White, Detona Ralph, among others.

In addition, even as a way to make it more childish and break the “seriousness” of its appearance about which we commented above, the TT-2500 can be used inside covers that have themes from Disney films such as Toy Story, Cars 2, Fairies and Club Penguim.

The Disney Menu also features movie trailers from the famous studio (Monsters SA, Cincderela, Detona Ralph, Planes, Valente and Finding Nemo), access links to company websites produced for children and some fun games. Among the games featured are the full versions of the titles ” Where’s My Water? “And” Where’s my Perry? “.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Even the codename for the operating system adopted by the Tectoy tablet could not be better for a handset focused on children. The model uses Android 4.0, which is known as Ice Cream Sandwich, or “ice cream sandwich” in Portuguese.

Joking aside, this is one of the latest versions of Google’s operating system, which has proved quite stable in the Magic Tablet Disney and has promoted all the experience we’ve already seen in the platform’s previous review .

Competent audio system

The audio system of the TT-2500 is yet another feature that deserves attention. Even when the volume was set to the maximum, the reproductions did not show noises or squeaks. This quality was perceived both when using a headset and performing sound content through the speakers.

This feature is very important for you to get a better experience when watching your library of videos or movies, listen to your music collection and play your favorite games.

Performance of large people

Overall, the performance of the Tectoy device pleased us and, we must confess, surprised us greatly. When we took the “child” gadget to analyze, we expected a more modest configuration and performance.

However, throughout the period we had contact with this device, it behaved very well and supported running applications of the most varied genres, games and an advanced operating system without any locking or sign of slowness.

Taking Actual Evidence

To assure our opinion, we have decided to benchmark and further explore the hardware potential of Magic Tablet Disney. In AnTuTu , which evaluates the overall performance of the components, the gadget earned 9,800 points – getting close to the Samsung Galaxy Note and outperforming the Galaxy Tab 7 inches.

The results presented by him in the Quadrant Standard Edition , which also analyzes the operation of the hardware, were even more satisfactory. In comparison with other devices, the TT-2500 lost only to the HTC One X smartphone (revealing a performance similar to that of the Asus Transformer Prime and leaving behind the Samsung Galaxy Tab of 10.1 inches.

In tests performed with Neocore  (software that tracks game performance and 3D graphics), this model reached 59.9 fps – a rate higher than several devices and different categories, such as Huawei Honor  (54.8 fps), Xperia Play  (58 fps) and Galaxy Tab  (53.7 fps).

In turn, in the two tests conducted by Vellamo Mobile  (responsible for analyzing the behavior of the device during Internet browsing), Tectoy’s product achieved higher scores than the Galaxy Tab of 8.9 inches. In the HTML5 assessment, the gadget scored 850 points; And in the activity overload analysis it reached 352 points. At the end of the article, you can check out a gallery of images with the screenshots of these results.


The last issue of the Magic Tablet Disney that deserves our positive mention was its battery, because it was able to handle the strenght of a heavy routine. We spent about 27 hours with the device running. With the exception of our sleep period, the device remained almost always connected to WiFi networks and running games, videos and music quite often. In addition, we conduct constant research and navigation on the internet.


Playmate Camera

When it comes to image and video, the TT-2500 left something to be desired. Its only 2 megapixel rear camera has very low resolution, generating photographs and recordings with grainy aspects and easily perceived blur, without the need for enlargement of the figures or filming. Capture devices with better quality than found on the Tectoy tablet are present on entry-level and mid-sized smartphones.

Where’s the HDMI cable?

The presence of a mini HDMI output on the Magic Tablet Disney was another feature that caught us by surprise. However, we miss the HDMI cable inside the device box – which means you need to purchase one separately so the kids can connect the device to the TV and make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Parental control

When it comes to equipment made for children, it would be interesting that it had some mechanism that would allow parents or guardians of the child using the gadget to control access to inappropriate content. Sometimes, even inadvertently, they can access pages inappropriate for their age via banners from other sites and games that have a violent connotation, for example.

You may be able to do this through browser settings or by installing software on your device, but it would be much more practical and reliable if the device itself provided this type of tool.

Dumb speakers

While having fun playing the TT-2500, we realized that the location where the speakers were implemented is not ideal. That’s because when running games and applications that run with the tablet horizontally, you can plug the component that emits the sounds with the left hand, making it difficult to hear the sound effects.

Reflexes that hinder

To end the “negative” points of the Magic Tablet Disney, we should mention the low lighting of your screen and the lack of an anti-glare feature. This combination of factors causes you to have trouble viewing what is being displayed on the gadget’s display in outdoor or bright environments – especially if you are well under a lamp.

Worth it?

The Magic Tablet Disney can be found in trusted ecommerce stores for values ranging from $ 540 to $ 599 – according to surveys conducted on the Internet on January 7, 2013.

If we take into account its price and performance, the Tectoy model is very cost-effective for a mid-sized handset. In this cost range (about $ 150 more or less) and with similar specifications, you can find the Multilaser Tablet PC Life , the BlackBerry Playbook , the Ypy Positive  and the Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch.

However, in our opinion, it’s best that you take a little more money to get a better experience with the capacitive screen and quite satisfactory performance of the TT-2500 than to get irritated with resistive displays and limited hardware from other gadgets, such as Case of the Multilaser product – which by the way comes to cost more.

However, we can – and should – make one observation: this tablet can be a little “toy” for your child, brother, cousin or little nephew, especially if he is careless with his belongings.

Did you like the Magic Tablet Disney? Then you can add it to your list of tablets to be studied. Its more “neutral” and less childish look and the great hardware performance presented make it a good choice for anyone looking for equipment to surf the web, access social networks, edit documents and play. Just do not expect too much from him when you take pictures and record videos.