Retro Style Heels

The Frenchman is a kind of elegant shoes and etiquette, they are fine with either a skirt or with pants or with a few clothes. Find out how to match them perfectly!

or a woman, a shoe is something more than a mere accessory : a shoe can be a means to represent themselves, a whim that passes in front of a shop window, you decide to take off, a way to feel different, more beautiful, more sensual, higher, more comfortable and so on.

Today we are featuring a kind of shoes , perfect if you want to feel elegant and feminine, they are a classic but at the same time represent a choice is not obvious: are the brogues, shoes with laces, with high heel or low heel .

Are shoes from the back of flavor and good taste, which can pair with different outfits, both for the day and for the evening, but those with high heels have a limit: in fact, cut the leg at the ankle, they are more indicated for those with slender legs.

The more classic brogues are in leather or suede, but for a twist you can choose the patent or with decorations like studs, lace or rhinestones.

Contrary to what one might imagine, since their name, the Frenchman born in England, in Oxford, roughly the late nineteenth century; initially, they were worn by gamekeepers, and then became synonymous with wealth and elegance, both for men but also for women.

But how to match these shoes? Here are Insurancejust recommendations:

1. Francesine heeled

There are several types of brogues with heels: there are those with plateau and high heels, those with stiletto heels and finally the more classic, with wide heel and not too high.

The first and second are perfect for evening look, while the third is ideal for the day, to give an air of romance and a bit ‘to their vintage clothing. In any case, they are better with the skirts and with the clothes, which compared with the pants.

2. Francesine without heel

The Frenchman without heels were born as part of men’s fashion and in recent years they have also won the women’s, with original patterns and romantic at the same time. They then an androgynous appearance that is mainly combine with pants, as they can give that extra touch to outfits with skirts and dresses.

3. Francesine e gonna

The Frenchman combined with a skirt give a touch of chic collegial, especially if the skirt in question is pleated and is worn with a pair of socks Parisian . The skirt can be mini or medium length, but also a longuette tight, if you want a more rigorous style, also suitable office: brogues are elegant but more comfortable than a couple of other heels, if you must stay a long time standing.

For a cooler and cheerful touch, you can opt for a skirt with a fantasy print, provided that it is discreet and not too showy; even the tights, which have the advantage of taper ankle cut, may be fantasy, all to give more joy to the outfit.

Instead, they are to avoid the too loose skirts and fluttering , and, if you are not very high, it is better to prefer short skirts, do not shorten the figure.

4. Francesine and pants

The high-heeled brogues blend perfectly with jeans, provided they are skinny and tight: for a casual look and sporty, the you can then match with a loose shirt or a maxi-pull or even a cardigan; for a more formal look, over jeans you can wear a shirt with a jacket.

If brogues have a low heel, as well with jeans go well, will be valued at the most a very masculine-cut trousers,  plaid or black, paired with a cardigan, to have something of a dandy.

The Frenchman is also perfect for an exit in the evening, with a pair of leggings and a top with some brilliant detail. They can also be worn with shorts, provided that these are high-waisted, but they are absolutely to be avoided with the baggy pants and flared.

5. Francesine and gown

The Frenchman, especially those with low heels, have a male form and create a contrast with the leader of the most original women’s clothing of all, that a dress. Contrast can also be emphasized through the gown shape, which may have a distinctly romantic cut or flared, or with floral patterns or ruffles.

They can be worn even with a sheath dress, while they are not to be worn with an evening dress, especially if long, or a slip dress, because this would create a too excessive contrast.