Retro Style Bathroom Ideas

Let it be said, the bathroom trend is not just with clean atmospheres

The modern furnishings in bathrooms is also inspired obsolete universe to hand them up to date. We are witnessing the comeback columns sinks and clawfoot bathtubs. Traditional faucets, wall mixers and showers old instill a vintage sophistication to our contemporary ablutions. The coatings are also returning to traditional parties into disuse to better put them in the bath: tiles subway, cement tiles, wall paint and wallpaper are a blazing return to our room retro yet trendy bathroom.

Yes, retro is modern again. We like it because it gives off the sweetness of a time when everything was slower. It is also like it because it leaves its place in the art of being creative in decorating the bathroom.

Ambiance vintage chinée

Welcome to a world of sweetness that recalls the atmospheres of old bathrooms. Buffet wooden antiques, ancient trunk and the medicine cabinet to invite you back in time.When you love bargain hunting, and create an atmosphere of yesteryear is built slowly, over the furniture and objects unearthed at flea markets and in antique shops. Then invites a soothing décor, the family homes and children in grandparents.

Direction: MOC
Credits Photo: Martin Holtum

Retro, standing bathtub

The bathroom facilities not built like pedestal sinks and bathtubs islands are undoubtedly a strong marker of retro style. Brought up to date by the manufacturers, they wear the traditional lines or appear in updated versions.The islets baths, including know how to be graceful and modern retro wish. With or without feet, white or colored, they have adapted to all the retro bathrooms styles, from traditional to revisited.

Bathroom retro modern bathroom

So retro and so modern! In this bathroom soaked a real character, vintage icons this meet. For equipment: pedestal sinks, small table vintage barber mirrors until the bulb hanging from the ceiling as in the great-aunt.Coating side, we can not remain insensitive to the faces 20s of facetious Fornasetti wallpaper from Cole and Son.

Direction: Fusiond

Mixed coatings

If the equipment of a retro bathroom falls a little common sense in terms of the offer targeted enough for the old tubs and pedestal sinks further, the choice of floor covering and walls may, however, divert more than one (or a).

Between tiles, paints, wallpaper and new materials … how to choose? This is where the talent of the designer: since there is no response, we will build on the daring and good taste! In the bathroom, the mix of materials is required: white tiles, pastel paint and wallpaper for the walls. On the ground, everything is more contemporary with a concrete floor !

Direction: Fusiond

Bathroom chic bath old

Luxury and comfort are invited in this classic-style bathroom that reflects the chic of the whole house. The traditional cast iron bathtub and wall-fitting old Devon & Devon lean against the marble wall that hides a large walk-in shower. Marble, noble and timeless, is associated with a mural of a soft green. A suspension glass ball, a gold mirror old and chair Eames punctuate the decor.

Direction: 2Design architecture
Credits Photo: Stylianos Papardelas

Noble and classic choice

Sink side, the decor is just as classic. On the wall marble double sinks expose Beautiful Volevatch, a glass shelf and chrome metal Devon & Devon mirror and also in Devon & Devon. Sober and noble!

Direction: 2Design architecture
Credits Photo: Stylianos Papardelas

Retro, industrial version

The vintage takes an industrial tone of craftinlearning in the bathroom. The glass workshop suggests the traditional standing tub cast. Vintage rhyme here with contemporary through the choice of coatings and some design equipment that dot the scenery. Brew of influences stands at the entrance with, the wall tiles Zelligue and ground, a polished concrete.

Direction: MOC
Credits Photo: Christophe Theurer