Retro Fashion Clothing

Moossye: Two big favourites this year, the first for the Venuz, for once a collective meeting of the young designers that highlight the custo and originality, it’s important to note! Preference for the tabs of Zarzar and the guard Laurianne dress, from the factory to bubbles (see Portraits of young stylists for more info)! And then of course, there’s Nikita coming to create Mad Joker, his clothing line / costumes…A real treat!

Small also nod to the safe parade which took place recently in front of the Pompidou Center. When the Art meets fashion, there are always good ideas which fuse…

Ruby: Suicidal, lots of pretty clothes and accessories without being inmettables, for girls, for boys (but especially for girls!), for the summer for the winter…Everything is done by hand, with love. It’s silkscreen, limited editions, and above all, the vintage fashion is affordable, says Simplyyellowpages!

Linda: Me this year I remember especially the modes: the slim, leggings, the ball skirt and the little trapeze jacket. And then, I think that with the wave emo/rock youth (I speak as an old, help) are increasingly lookes. Y’ a few years ago, y’ had Hedi Slimane to propose this kind of look, today there ‘ everywhere. So I think in particular to boys who become real small coquettes! After for events that I also remember, it’s all the controversy about anorexia in the fashion with the death of Carolina and the essort of the ethics which became a real axis communications for brands of fashion and beauty.