Renew or Refresh Your Mobile Knowledge

BACKGROUND-OVERVIEW: We have gathered a little of the background articles, so renew or refresh your knowledge of the phone world.

We have collected a number of this year’s background articles where we have tried to provide you with knowledge about everything from technical terms and technology such as GLONASS, 4 g network, and much more, as well as background stories about the Mobile World Congress, the Chinese Android Challenger Huawei and the iPhone there this year rounded 5 years.

We have collected a number of links including on the slightly more technical stuff in the mobile industry, but also in addition to the technical stuff, you can get more track of whom Huawei is what Mobile World Congress is and get more information about the Microsoft Surface, there is a serious attack against iPad from Microsoft.

There are still purchased GPS systems around the country, but at the beginning of this year, we brought an article about GLONASS, which is a Russian alternative to GPS. GLONASS is becoming more and more common “fixtures” in today’s smartphones.

If you have often wondered about rollout of Android versions are not always totally transparent? And some manufacturers sometimes get the latest Android version before another producer. So you can get a little insight into why things is so in our backstory: Therefore delayed the new great Android versions.