Red Lipstick

What do you think of red lipstick? I’ve read some disturbing things over the internet, such as, “I’m not ready to use”, “what will they think of me” or worse “is only for independent women”. Seriously, wait. According to the makeup artists, what sets the hue and brightness of the lipstick is the skin tone and size of lips, lips small strong tones and bright, the reverse is true.

Red Lipstick

When I talked about the Red pumps, made an introduction about the meaning of the color red, there you will find more information, the fact is that red is associated with sensuality for a biological and evolutionary question.

How to use the red lipstick

First, let’s stop hypocrisy, when could we fix it is logical to expect a positive feedback, whether men or women that does not necessarily mean that we’re open or looking for something. But make no mistake, the red color (at least should) evolucionalmente and subliminally messes with your head.

Why would I use a red lipstick? To draw attention to your mouth and pass a femininity, something sexy and mysterious. It’s really charming and draws attention. You don’t need a fancy look, bet on a basic black or a neutral color. As always comment here, anything exaggeration, call attention to one point only.

This reminds me of another thing, red is for night, during the day you prefer lighter shades, at work or think. I think beautiful white dress and red lipstick. So for evening events that you will use a short and basic, why not use the red lipstick to make the look more sophisticated?

Well, before I pass any lipstick, the ideal is to get around the lips with a pencil, so you let them well drawn and prevents smudges. An interesting contrast is to paint the eyes with black pencil, is show. When I wear red lipstick, I prefer not to use anything else in red, or purse and shoe, but not have people like, is a particularity I would say. If you have a picture of where the girl is with a red flower in her ear, enhanced the lipstick found, in that case was cool.

Some ideas.

Note that in most of your dark skin was not used brightness. Who is white using a stark color gives a nice contrast.