Red Jacket-32

Watch and analyze molding processing of Red Coat that I propose in this publication with the due attention. On the blog there are

coat large bases, semi-larga and fair in various sizes, in this case must use the base. After printing the mold base make the transformation to the image and model the gradation to your size.

Step By Step Of Mold Coat Red

On a sheet draw a fair base coat front, back and sleeve.
Add height to base molding on the front and back.
Draw the height of the coat on the front and back.
Draw a line from the chest to the cava, for the rotation of the clamp/pence.
Copy for the paper part of the rotation of the clamp/pence.
Paste the part of the rotation, close the clamp/pence and open in cava.
Draw the crosses in front of mold coat.
Draw the buttons on the front.
Extend the new line the perimeter of the calipers on the front and back strap.
Copy for the paper part of the lateral fronts and backs.
Glue the sides and open to the pleats on the front and back.
Widening at the bottom of the sidebar on the front and back.
Draw the pockets on the front.
Draw the height of sleeve.
Draw lines on the sleeve to frown.
Copy to paper part of the sleeves.
Glue the parts of the sleeve and open to pursing the Cup.
Extend 1 cm on each side of the sleeve.
Draw a rectangle for the collar.
Draw the collar.
Make adjustments if necessary.

The base moulds has no value, it has to be added. This model looks good with fabric/fabric in chiffon, linen, muslin and full-bodied fabrics etc. It is necessary to 2 times the height of the coat sleeve height more 5% off (example on a 5 cm meter off).To make this model requires 2 meter and 50 cm of fabric. To make the cast of red jacket in your size refer to the link’s below and choose the nearest base of your size, print, paste the leaves and clipping, then do the gradation to your extent or size.